Wow App

The WOW App is a video calling and random video chat platform that allows users to connect with people from all over the world. It is especially known for offering income opportunities to its users, particularly video call hosts. Here is a detailed description based on the information on the website provided:

WOW App Description:

  1. Main Functionality : WOW is a 1v1 video call and random video chat app. It allows users to find strangers in video chats, make new friends, and share personal moments through private calls.
  2. Income Opportunities : The application offers the possibility of generating income as a video call host. Users can earn money online by becoming official streamers of the WOW app and Agencies .
  3. Registration Process : To become a host , you need to download the app, register and follow an activation process, which includes confirming activation to receive unlimited personalized support in your language. Activation Code: 2268.
  4. Required Permissions : The application requests access to the camera, microphone, location, photo gallery and notifications for its optimal functioning.
  5. Requirements for Streamers : You need to have an Android or iOS device and a valid payment method (such as Bank Transfer, Paypal, Payoneer ( Sign up for Payoneer Here ) , Epay (Sign up for Epay Here ) , USDT (You can sign up for Binance here) ) to receive the income.
  6. Salary and Objectives : Income is based on a “bean” system, where 1,300 beans equal 1 USD. Earnings vary depending on the duration and type of video call.
  7. Rules and Regulations : The app sets strict rules, including prohibiting sexualized content, not promoting other apps, and restricting only one account per host.
  8. Earnings Withdrawal : Users can withdraw their earnings through different payment methods, following a specific process within the application.
  9. Bonuses and Rewards : WOW offers additional bonuses for meeting goals, such as weekly bonuses, Sunday call bonuses, and daily tasks.
  10. Support and Community : The app provides personalized support and help, and encourages users to join the Streamers Apps community to stay aware of relevant updates and events.
WOW pro

Main Functionalities and Features WOW Pro App

  • Accepts women

  • Available for Android

  • Receiving video calls

  • Self-withdrawal (Each host withdraws 100%)

  • Competitions

  • Earn for gifts

  • Minimum payments from $10 USD

  • Weekly Payments

  • Daily Payments

  • App for iOS

  • Payments by ePay

  • Payments by Paypal

  • Payoneer Payments

  • Payments by bank transfer

  • Payments by USDT

  • Level Privileges

  • Party room

  • Hearing

  • Match Zone (Random)

  • App for iPhone

  • Earn for tasks

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