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Agency registration in Poppo App

Poppo App Agency

You will become an Official Poppo App Agency – Start earning income by attracting new Streamers to the Poppo App from your cell phone.

Become a Poppo Streamer and work from the comfort of your home, find talent and recruit new Streamers for the Poppo live streaming and video chat platform from anywhere in the world.

Tango Live Agency: online video transmissions and chats
Poppo Agency – Streamer App
Poppo Live high looking hosts interact with you online!

Poppo App Agency

Become an Official Poppo App Agency


About Poppo App

Poppo App is a 1 on 1 and multiplayer online video chat application that allows you to make friends from all over the world . With video calls and translation, you can communicate with strangers like face to face anytime, anywhere.

It's a great way to eliminate social phobia and understand different cultures! Meet new friends with Poppo App now ! Click to open the world for you!

Make Friends with Poppo App

Poppo App offers many exciting ways to meet and chat with new friends.

As a Poppo App Agency you can earn very good commissions by recruiting new Streamers for the Poppo Live App from the comfort of your home.

Poppo Live App - Streamer App

Poppo Live for Agencies

Poppo App is looking for active Agents or Agencies to help attract new Hostesses on an ongoing basis. The commission for active Agents and Agencies ranges from 5% to 20% of the total salary of their Hostesses in charge. (Only women) .

Poppo App is only looking for female Hostesses.

You can Learn all about managing Poppo as a Host in the Become a Streamer Poppo App .

  • Supported System : Available for Android & iOS cell phones.

  • Agencies Minimum Payment: From $10 USD.

  • Payment methods: ePay and Payoneer . New payment methods may be added later based on availability in each country.

  • Payment commission 5% up to 20%.

  • Payment frequency: Weekly payments upon meeting the Agency's minimum payment.

  • The agent needs more than 10 active hosts (daily life ≥ 1 hour) and weekly more than 10 active hosts.

  • Agent must guarantee number of hosts and activities to meet requirement and withdraw ≥ $10. After two weeks, an auditor will detect the activities of the host. If the requirements are not met, your agency could be fired.

  • Agent must not hire hosts from another agency on Poppo Live or promote other platforms and apps. Violations will be prohibited, all points and salary will be suspended.

  • The Agent must ensure that Hosts understand and follow the [Poppo Host Policy] and [ Poppo Live Streaming Rules ]. Noticing and managing hosts are required to be an agent. Hosts must follow Poppo's rules and regulations regarding Poppo. If the hosts violate the rules and regulations, there will be a punishment, please inform the hosts in case of violations.

  • The agent must protect Poppo's fame and reputation. Also encourage hosts to work and follow the rules.

What can you do as an Agency in Poppo Live

  • Link and edit your payment method information.

  • Invite and recruit new Streamer Hosts for the Poppo Live App .

  • Invite new sub-agencies to Poppo Live.

  • Manage your Poppo Live hostesses, connection time, earnings and other records.

  • Monitor the progress of your commission rate.

  • Receive the latest news and notifications from the Poppo Live App directly on your master.

  • Latest updates of the Poppo Live App Mobile App for Android & iOS.

  • Pay your Streamers by any of the suggested payment methods, Binance / Airtm / Epay  / Paypal / Payoneer / Dlocal Bank Transfer.

Register Poppo Live Agency

To become a Poppo Live Agency and work recruiting new Streamers , below we explain step by step how to register your Agency on Poppo Live and start earning commission for recruiting Streamers on Poppo Live .

STEP 1: Download the Poppo Live App on your Mobile

To download the Poppo Live App on your cell phone, click on the button below « Download Poppo Live App » or you can read the QR code from your cell phone.

Download Poppo Live

Then it will direct you to the Google Play store or App Store to download the App on your cell phone. Simply download it and once finished you can open the App.

STEP 2: Sign in to Poppo Live

Sign up for Poppo Cams App - Streamer Agent
  • You can register and log in from any of the following options:
    • Facebook
    • Google
    • Phone
Sign up for Poppo Cams App - Streamer Agent

2. Enter the phone number selected the code of your country, for the example Colombia.

3. You click on the GET to request the confirmation code that will arrive as a text message to your cell phone, enter the code in the confirmation field, then establish your password, it is important that you do not forget it since it will serve you later to log in if you are logged out of Poppo Live .

Then you click NEXT .

Sign up for Poppo Cams App - Streamer Agent

4. Enter the username you want to have on Poppo Live.

  • Then you confirm your date of birth and country of origin.
  • Select your GENDER , in this case FEMALE (WOMAN) .
  • Then you click on the SUBMIT to continue with the registration process.

5. Satisfactory record.

Register Poppo app streamer Agent

STEP 3: Update Poppo Live Agency Account Registration

Enter the following link to apply as an Official Poppo Live Agency and associate your Agency ID with the previous registration.

Sign up for Poppo Cams App - Streamer Agent

Invitation form Poppo Live Official Agency

  • Add your Poppo Live ID that you get in the App.
  • Enter a verification number sent to the App, follow the instructions.

We are the largest Poppo Live Agency in Latin America and the Caribbean

STEP 4: Confirm Registration and Activation in Poppo Live for Agencies

Poppo Live Activation Form for Agencies – Support Group

Once the Agency Registration in Poppo Live , you will write to our WhatsApp Support numbers +57 3218945421 or  by clicking on the following Buttons to go to a Conversation where you will indicate the ID Number that you have in the App Poppo Live. You find it in the upper part of your Profile near your Photo.

Poppo Live Rules and Regulations

  • The hostess must be over 18 years old.
  • The host may not register more than one account on Poppo Live.
  • Pornographic content is strictly prohibited during live streaming.
  • The host cannot change their agent, nor can the agent attract another host within Poppo Live.
  • The hostess may not present pornographic content during Live.
  • If the hostess or agent violates the above rules, strict punishment would occur, such as Account Banned , wage and commission forfeiture.
  • The promotion of a third-party platform is prohibited.
  • Hosts under the age of 18 are prohibited from broadcasting live.

Poppo Live account rules

  1. There is no identification record for a minor person
  2. A user can only have one authenticated ID , open live and withdraw money only for the authenticated ID.
  3. Impersonating facial authentication for the purpose of opening Live and withdrawing money will be permanently prohibited.
  4. Identification of the offer to another person for the purpose of opening Live will be permanently prohibited by the system.
  5. Female ID registered by male users maliciously will be permanently banned by the system.

Poppo Live Cover Photo Ruler

Cover photo will be displayed for live/party cover

  1. The cover photo must be authentic.
  2. The live stream will be cut off if the host does not upload a compatible cover photo.
  3. The more beautiful the cover photo and the better the streaming performance, the more exposure they will get.
  4. Non-compliant cover photos are shown below:

Cover photo and Poppo Live cover

Transmission rules


  • Any breaking of Live rules could result in cancellation of live task rewards on the day or deduction of points, please follow the platform rules accordingly.
  1. Any minor appearing in the transmission
  2. Do not promote any third party platform
  3. Keep your face in the camera throughout the live stream
  4. Sit comfortably and focus on the stream, don't lie in bed
  5. No porn during streaming
  6. Neat and bright streaming background
  7. Appropriate dresses and makeup, make good use of beauty effects during broadcast
  8. Take the initiative to greet and interact with users.
  9. Please only stream on your own authenticated account and prohibit using other people's streams or multiple accounts for repeat starts.

Poppo Live App Policy

How to link Hostesses to your Poppo Live Agency

1) First Method: The hostess adds you as her Agency

The hostess or Streamer must follow the following steps; Go to " personal page > setting > join agency " and enter the agent's Poppo ID to join the agency.

See the step by step indicated in our Poppo Live Streamer guide .

  1. Open the personal page, find « Settings » at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Click settings, search for “ Join the Agency
  3. Add your Poppo ID 847051 and click the Apply to Join Agent button .
add Agency in Poppo Live
add Agency in Poppo Live
add Agency in Poppo Live
add Agency in Poppo Live
add Agency in Poppo Live
add Agency in Poppo Live
add Agency in Poppo Live
add Agency in Poppo Live
add Agency in Poppo Live

2) Second Method: Send the Invitation to the Hostess ID

To add a Hostess to your agency, you need to ask her if she created her account with a phone number, so she needs to provide her Poppo Live ID and mobile phone number

If the hostess created your account with email or Gmail, you should ask her to add it using the first method.

Join Poppo Live Hostesses to Agencies

Requirements to maintain the Active Agency in Poppo Live

  1. The agency must have at least 10 active hosts (live for at least 1 hour every day), and there must be at least 10 hosts live every week.
  2. The agency needs to make hosts to reach the required standard of active hosts (who broadcast live for at least 1 hour every day) and reach the minimum withdrawal standard of $10 within 2 weeks. All host transmission data is monitored. In 2 weeks, if the data cannot reach the standard, the agency could be fired.
  3. It is not allowed to hire hosts from other agencies on the platform , nor advertising for other platforms. Violation may result in a penalty, following the procedures: warn ban account deduct all live streaming earnings earned from the platform (if the violation causes serious financial loss, it can be submitted to the judicial authority).
  4. The agency must ensure that all hosts understand and obey the ( Poppo Host Regulations ) and update the latest platform policies on time. Hosts must not only understand the importance of photo matching and collecting, but also obey the rules ( see Poppo's Host Regulations for details ) that must be followed during the live stream. If they ignore the rules or warnings, there will be penalties. Please inform hosts to avoid unqualified behavior.

Payment Cut Poppo Live – Agency Commission

Poppo's agent gift cut and commission is better than most platforms with additional tasks and rank rewards.

  1. Coins: User recharge/buy to get coins, offline coin purchase could get coins at cheaper rate: $1 = 9,400 coins
  2. Points (Points): 10,000 Coins as a gift for the host, the host could get 7,000 Points ( 70% Rate of a gift for hosts )
  3. Pcoins: Poppo rewards, could also be withdrawn

Host Withdrawal Rule: 10,000 Points = $1


  • The user can top up $1000 for a maximum of 9,400,000 coins.
  • Gift the 600,000 coins to the host, the host can get 6,580,000 Points ($658)
  • An agent can have 1,316,000 points (Points) as commission ( $131.6 , if the agent achieves a commission rate of 20%).

Poppo Live Agency Commission Rate

GUY Points "Points" (Last 30 days) Live Stream/Party Commission Rate 1v1 Commission Rate (Random Match/Chat)
D. 0 – 2 million Points 4% 30%
C. 2 – 10 million Points 8% 35%
B. 10 – 50 million Points 12% 40%
TO 50 – 150 million Points 16% 45%
S 150 million and more+ 20% 50%
  1. The agent commission rate is based on the Hostess' total income (not including platform rewards) under your agency in the last 30 days ( including today and calculated in real time ).
  2. When the hostess receives a gift, the agent's commission and sub-agent's commission will be credited immediately.

10,000 Points (Points) = $1

The agent's earnings in the last 30 days determine the agent's commission rate:

  • Agent Earnings = Host Earnings + Subagent Earnings
  • Agent Commission = Host Earnings * Commission Rate + (Agent Commission Rate – Subagent Commission Rate) * Subagent Earnings.

Attention: Please note: income from hostess tasks, rank and other rewards are not counted as agent commission, only live, gifts, matches and private chat.

How to recruit subagents at the Poppo Live agency?

How to recruit subagents at the Poppo agency?

Copy the link and send it to the sub-agent. Let the subagent complete the data collection and click submit.

Poppo Live Agency Registration guide and Poppo Streamer App .

Poppo Live Base Salary Policy

Salary Payment Agency

Withdrawal Rule

  • When a user gives a hostess a gift, the agency commission and sub agent commission will be credited to their account in real time and distributed to their account in the form of points.
  • 10,000 Points = $1. Withdrawal amount must be at least ≥ $10.
  • Withdrawal amount must be an integer multiple of 10, with the remainder accrued and carried over to the next settlement cycle
  • Pcoins Withdrawal Rules: 30% Pcoins + 70% Points = 100% withdrawal amount -> Pcoins will be settled first before Points. For example: 30,000 Pcoins + 70,000 Points (Points) = $10.
  • Different payment method » service charge may vary › Select the appropriate payment method.

Payment methods available

Payments in Poppo Live  are made through Epay  ( Sign up for ePay Here ) Applies to most countries or Payoneer ( Sign up for Payoneer Here ) Applies to most countries.

When you link your payment method with Epay , you will receive your salary, if not, your salary will not be sent to your agent or Poppo agency until you link it.

If you have problems with the ePay or Payoneer payment method , you can request our help via WhatsApp to provide you with other payment methods available at the Agency, you can detail them below:

Create ePay Account

Create Epay Account - Streamer Agent

Create Payoneer Account

Create Payoneer Account - Streamer Agent

How to Withdraw on Poppo Live

  1. Hostess can make self-withdrawal, and receive salary directly.
  2. The amount of the host's withdrawal is shown under “agency management >host salary settlement”.
  3. Agents must withdraw points into the agent's account as shown in the photos below:
Withdraw money poppo Live how-to-withdraw
Withdraw money poppo Live how-to-withdraw

Recommendations for Agencies Poppo Live

We have compiled some recommendations for Poppo Live Agencies to get the most out of the Poppo App and earn more money.

Personalized Help and Support about Poppo Live

If you need help or personalized technical support about the Poppo App and all its features, you can contact us at WhatsApp for help . It is very important that when you write you specify what your name is, what country you are from and what phone number you used for registration and that you have previously completed the registration process of our guide.

Join the Streamers App Agencies community

In the Streamers App Agencies Community we will share Information about updates, new releases, new Apps for Agencies so you can start recruiting new Streamers and Hostesses, industry events, contests and general information .

Remember not to leave the community , it will be a communication channel through which you will have access to relevant and updated information. You will also be able to have direct communication with the Administrators who will be able to provide you with personalized help and support to create your Official Agency in any of the available Apps.

Frequently Asked Questions Agencies Poppo Live

Answers to the most frequently asked questions about Agencies in Poppo App .

Collective Gifts in Chamet App2021-08-30T22:47:06-05:00

Collective gifts are now available at Chamet

Collective Gifts is a new series of gifts from the Chamet App , whose hostess and Streamer can get a huge bean reward when they collect a complete set of these gifts.

Each collective gift will be sent as a RANDOM gift in the corresponding gift series.

So, every time the host Streamer gets one of them, she has to OPEN IT to see which one they finally get! ( By clicking on the gift logo in the lower right corner ).

Host Streamers need to update the Chamet App to version 2.1.0 as soon as possible to start taking advantage of this new Update

What is Streamer?2021-08-12T22:01:39-05:00

Streamer is currently one of the most promising modern activities on the internet, where it is broadcasted in real time by means of live streaming platforms to multiple people who are located anywhere in the world.

Currently it is possible to be a Live Broadcast Streamer Model and earn income, this activity is closely related to entertainment in general and has become a source of income for thousands of people around the world.

Can I earn for referring Broadcasters or Gifters?2021-07-02T22:01:06-05:00

Yes, you can earn commission for referring broadcasters on Tango Live , giveaways or other partners. You can also earn commission for referring new partners to the Tango affiliate program .

Currently, the partner program is set up to earn for broadcaster referrals. Tell us about how to promote it to Gifters and other partners .

In which countries is Tango Live App available?2021-07-02T21:52:31-05:00

The Tango Live App is available on iOS in all countries except North Korea.

On Android Tango Live is available in all countries except the following: Bermuda, British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, China, Cuba, Georgia, Guinea, Iran, Iraq, Macao, Micronesia, Myanmar, Solomon Islands, Sudan, Turks and caicos .

Can I promote the Tango App for iOS and Android?2021-07-02T21:46:14-05:00

Tango iOS explainer Android app , and website ( tango.me ) using your tracking links.

If you have not yet registered for the Tango partners program , you can follow the following registration steps: 2)  Register for the Tango Partners program . If you are already a registered user, follow the steps below to log in and find out your follow-up and affiliate link: 2.2) Log in to Tango Partner .

What marketing methods are prohibited as an Agency?2021-07-02T21:34:19-05:00

The following marketing methods are prohibited to attract new Streamer models or Registered Users for the App. It is prohibited to generate spam, pop-up or pop-up traffic, adult traffic or auto-installers, unsolicited SMS traffic, brand related advertising and advertising with branded keywords.

Requirements for Chamet Agencies?2021-06-29T14:50:46-05:00
  • Countries: All.
  • Supported System: Available for Android cell phones. Agencies Access from the web.
  • Agencies Minimum Payment: From $10 USD.
  • Payment Methods: Withdrawal / ePay / Paypal / G-Cash . New payment methods are added frequently depending on the country.
  • Payment frequency: Weekly payments upon meeting the Agency's minimum payment.
How to withdraw my income from Agencia Chamet?2021-06-29T14:42:53-05:00

Chamet App will automatically send you all the income you generate as an Agency in Chamet every Thursday, if the amount is less than $10 USD, they will accumulate for the next cutting cycle (You will never lose anything you do as an Agency ), if the amount is greater than $10 USD, the payment will automatically arrive at the previously configured payment method .

How much will I earn as an Agency in Chamet?2021-06-29T13:59:27-05:00

The earnings of an Agency in Chamet strictly depend on the commission rates that are analyzed weekly based on the total income made by all Chamet Hostesses and sub-agents. Very good results can be obtained by having 20-30 active hostesses.

How to create the Chamet Agency?2021-06-29T13:06:29-05:00

To become an Official Agency in Chamet App , follow the steps indicated in Create Chamet App Agency . You can work from home and earn a very good commission for Chamet Official Agent.


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