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Agency registration in Tango Live App

Tango Live Agency

You will become a Tango Live Agency – Online video transmissions and chats.

Become a Tango Live Streamer Agency and work from the comfort of your home, find talent and recruit new Streamers for TangoLive live streaming and video chat social platform from anywhere in the world. Surely Tango App is what you are looking for...

Tango Live Agency: online video transmissions and chats
Tango Live Agency
Online video transmissions and chats

Tango Agency Live App

Become a Live Tango Agency

About the Tango Live Partner Program

Join the Tango Live partner program and earn a commission for every referral you bring to the Tango App .

Tango Live pays members for each referral made. Whether you are an agency , a Streamer , a blogger , an influencer , a Youtuber , a marketer. an audiovisual designer, or a music teacher , you can earn money with the users you refer to Tango Live .

By becoming a Tango Partner , you can continue to benefit from each user you bring, Tango pays you 10% of the referred broadcaster's earnings.

Benefits of the Tango Live Partners program

Tango Live live streaming platform that allows broadcasters and streamers to share their talents live and monetize their followers in real time.

Tango's tools and services allow broadcasters to expand their social community and build profitable businesses around their broadcasts.

  • High conversion and retention rates.
  • Flexible payment models and high payments.
  • A trusted American company and a well-known brand.
  • Earn with every Streamer referral.
  • State-of-the-art creatives and tracking platform.

  • Dedicated partner success agents and 24/7 support.
  • Cross platform on iOS, Android and Web.
  • Available worldwide and in more than 8 languages.

Register in the Tango Partners Partners program

To join the Tango and start working directly as a Tango Agency, below we explain step by step how to register as a Partner & Agency in Tango Live and start earning commission for recruiting new Streamers for Tango .

Create your account in Tango Socios (Partners)

To create your Tango Agency account and join the Tango Partners partner program, click on the following button « Register in Tango Partners – Tango Agency » or you can read the QR code from your cell phone.

Registration Agencies Tangos Partners Tango

Next you must fill in all the information requested for the Registration Form in the Tango Partner Program .

live video streaming app Partner Program where partners can earn money from the users and streamer they bring to the platform.

Tango's partner program is automated, self-service and available globally. It allows existing users as well as marketers , agents , affiliates , bloggers , influencers,  agencies and streamers to earn from every referral you make by:

  • Basic commission: 10%.

  • Commission type: RevShare

  • Minimum payment: $50 USD.

  • Payment frequency: Every month, 30 days.

  • Payment method: Payoneer. ( Sign up for Payoneer Here )

Tango partners program - Tango Agency

Sign in to Tango Partner

Once the registration is finished and you have received the confirmation and welcome email to the Tango partner program, you will log in to the Tango Partners system or at the link https://partner.tango.me

Sign in to Tango Partners

Activation Form (Mandatory)

Payment methods in Tango

Create Payoneer account

To create your personal Payoneer account , click on the following button « Create Payoneer Account » or you can read the QR code from your cell phone to speed up the registration.

Sign up for payoneer

Payoneer is the platform in charge of processing payments in Tango Partners , in such a way that it is necessary to have an active Payoneer account to receive payments.

Tango Live Members Policy

Tango partners enjoy amazing benefits and can earn very good commissions by referring users to the Tango Live streaming app .

Tango's partner program is fully automated and available globally.

By becoming a Tango Partner , you can benefit in the long run from every user you refer. As Tango partners, we will always be looking for new unique streamers.

Partner payments in Tango

  • Tango pays its partners once a month, 30 days after the end of the month.
  • Partners also have a minimum payment threshold of $25 USD.
  • All earnings are available in real time through our tracking platform.
  • While your broadcasters can see their earnings in their Tango account, you can view up-to-date data (broadcaster activity, diamonds earned, etc.) at any time using your account on the tracking platform.

Getting started as a Tango partner

Once you sign up and are approved by Tango, you will receive your own tracking link. This is the only link you should send to your stations! Once they download Tango using your link, they will be connected to your Partner account.

Please note that only new stations that have never registered with Tango will be approved and connected to your account.

Welcome to the Tango Live community and thank you for joining our Partner Program!

Rules of use of Tango

How to become a Tango Streamer?

Support and personalized help on Tango Live

If you need help or personalized technical support about the Tango Live App and all its features, you can contact us at the WhatsApp support group . It is very important that when you write you specify what your name is, what country you are from and that you have previously completed the registration process.

Join the Streamers App Agencies community

In the Streamers App Agencies Community we will share Information about updates, new releases, new Apps for Agencies so you can start recruiting new Streamers and Hostesses, industry events, contests and general information .

Remember not to leave the community , it will be a communication channel through which you will have access to relevant and updated information. You will also be able to have direct communication with the Administrators who will be able to provide you with personalized help and support to create your Official Agency in any of the available Apps.

Frequently Asked Questions Agencies Tango Live

Answers to the most frequently asked questions about the Tango and Agencies partner program at Tango Live.

How to start a Premium broadcast on Tango?2021-09-13T17:46:26-05:00

Apart from public broadcasts, Tango also offers the option to start private broadcasts (Premium).

Private private broadcasts on Tango is an excellent option to get to know your followers, subscribers and people who give gifts to you better. Such broadcasts are usually much more personalized, the communication and engagement between presenters and viewers is next level during those broadcasts and overall it's a great tool to try something new and experiment with the content you produce.

There are two ways to start a Premium transmission, if you want to do it from the home page of the app, you have to do the following:

  1. Touch the camera .

  2. Then touch the key icon .

  3. And finally, choose the ticket price in your private transmission and touch the "Continue" .

Also, a private broadcast can be started when you are already broadcasting in public. To start a private transmission in this way, you have to do the following steps:

  1. Start a public broadcast .

  2. Then touch the key icon .

  3. Choose the gift that your viewers must give you to enter your private broadcast.

  4. (Optional) If someone gave you some gifts during your public broadcast, you can invite those people to your private broadcast.

  5. When everything is done, tap the “Continue” and your private broadcast will start instantly.

Although moderation team members do not watch private streams, our automatic moderation system approves all the time whether there are some minors in private streams or not. Therefore, we ask that you obey the Broadcasting Rules both when you broadcast publicly and privately.

What is Streamer?2021-08-12T22:01:39-05:00

Streamer is currently one of the most promising modern activities on the internet, where it is broadcasted in real time by means of live streaming platforms to multiple people who are located anywhere in the world.

Currently it is possible to be a Live Broadcast Streamer Model and earn income, this activity is closely related to entertainment in general and has become a source of income for thousands of people around the world.

Can I earn for referring Broadcasters or Gifters?2021-07-02T22:01:06-05:00

Yes, you can earn commission for referring broadcasters on Tango Live , giveaways or other partners. You can also earn commission for referring new partners to the Tango affiliate program .

Currently, the partner program is set up to earn for broadcaster referrals. Tell us about how to promote it to Gifters and other partners .

In which countries is Tango Live App available?2021-07-02T21:52:31-05:00

The Tango Live App is available on iOS in all countries except North Korea.

On Android Tango Live is available in all countries except the following: Bermuda, British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, China, Cuba, Georgia, Guinea, Iran, Iraq, Macao, Micronesia, Myanmar, Solomon Islands, Sudan, Turks and caicos .

Can I promote the Tango App for iOS and Android?2021-07-02T21:46:14-05:00

Tango iOS explainer Android app , and website ( tango.me ) using your tracking links.

If you have not yet registered for the Tango partners program , you can follow the following registration steps: 2)  Register for the Tango Partners program . If you are already a registered user, follow the steps below to log in and find out your follow-up and affiliate link: 2.2) Log in to Tango Partner .

What marketing methods are prohibited as an Agency?2021-07-02T21:34:19-05:00

The following marketing methods are prohibited to attract new Streamer models or Registered Users for the App. It is prohibited to generate spam, pop-up or pop-up traffic, adult traffic or auto-installers, unsolicited SMS traffic, brand related advertising and advertising with branded keywords.

What languages ​​are available in Tango?2021-07-01T23:38:01-05:00

Currently Tango Live is available in more than 8 languages, of which English, Russian, Spanish, French, Arabic, Turkish, Hindi and Vietnamese are available. Every time the Tango team adds new languages.

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