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Chamet App Hostess Streamer Registration

Streamer Chamet App

You will become a Streamer model host of the Chamet App – Live video chat and party rooms.

If you are bored, you want to do something fun and you need interesting friends but at the same time the opportunity to earn money. Chamet App is what you are looking for!

Chamet App - Live Video Chat and Party Rooms
Chamet App
Live video chat and party rooms

Chamet App Hostess

Become a Streamer on Chamet


About Chamet App

1 on 1 and multiplayer online video chat app With video calls and real-time translation, you can communicate with people face-to-face at any time and from anywhere.

It is an excellent way to eliminate social phobia and understand the cultures of different countries.
Meet new friends in Chamet right now! Users from more than 150 countries are waiting for you!

Meet new friends with Chamet and monetize every moment you are in the App, you can get excellent income. You are just one click away from opening the world to yourself!

Earn a lot of money working with Chamet App from your home.

Chamet gives you great opportunities to earn excellent income working as a Streamer from the comfort of your home, take advantage of this great opportunity and start this COURSE COMPLETELY FREE so you can start working as Streamers with the support of StreamerAgent .

Features of Chamet App

Chamet App has the following features and functionalities:

  • 1-on-1 video chat with registered users: You can make one-on-one video calls with people from anywhere in the world.

  • Have fun in the party room: You can have video chat with a maximum of 5 people at the same time.

  • Guaranteed Streamer Authenticity: Use Cam Live Waiting to make sure the streamer and your live coverage are consistent.

  • No fake or non-genre photos allowed: All streamers are online in real time and answer video calls within seconds.

  • Smooth Video Call Experience: The network connection has been optimized to give users a smoother video chat experience.

  • Supports beauty effects, filters and stickers: You can customize beauty effects to make yourself look prettier. There are a variety of filters and stickers to make your live chat on Chamet App more interesting.

  • Real-time translation: Don't worry about the language barrier because we have a helpful real-time translation.

  • Host Streamers from different countries: You can chat with any user from the country you like.

  • Quick and easy login: Using Facebook, Google or Phone to quickly log into Chamet and start live video chatting with just one click. For purposes of this VIDEO TUTORIAL COURSE , it is necessary to log in using the Telephone option .

  • Send and receive gifts in live video chat or text chat: Chamet offers a list of popular stars, so you can follow them however you want. You can send and receive gifts from your favorite streamers to show your adoration.

  • Live Chat Tips: Use our live video beauty effects to make yourself look more handsome or beautiful. Upload your attractive cover to show yourself, bring more followers and fans, become famous like stars. The cover of the video will help you to have more opportunities.

  • PK Battles: Show yourself in the Personal Room and PK BATTLES with friends or Random. You can open the Personal Room and show your talent like singing, dancing or playing games. Do PK BATTLE with your friends and punish whoever you defeat!

  • Diversity of Gifts: Chamet has animated gifts, festival gifts, and gifts for specific and special events.

Permissions requested by Chamet App

  • Camera: Necessary to make video calls, take and save profile photos.

  • Microphone: Allows you to capture sound during video calls.

  • Location: Used for location-based matching of users.

  • Photo Gallery Necessary for sending photos to your friends.

  • Notifications : Needed to keep up with friend requests, messages, and incoming video calls.

About Chamet Hostesses

Chamet's host models have weekly payments directly through the Chamet App once they meet the minimum payment, where the hostess can earn from 50 USD to 1,200 USD weekly. If you complete the minimum payment in your first week, don't worry, with Chamet you lose absolutely nothing, it will accumulate for the following week. BRILLIANT!

If you would like to become a Host Model on Chamet App, please follow the step-by-step below to sign up and start working as a Chamet App Host.

Chamet App Requirements

  • Gender: Women only.

  • Countries : All. Available in more than 150 countries.

  • Supported System : Available for Android 5.0 p above and iOS 10.0 or later cell phones. Android (Stable). iOS (BETA).

  • Virtual currency : Gold beans equivalent to USD. 10,000 beans are equal to $1 USD. See table below.

  • Minimum Payment: 100,000 Gold Beans, equivalent to $10 USD. We suggest requesting payments greater than $50 USD .

  • Payment methods: WIRE bank transfer / dLOCAL / USDT (Binance) / ePay / Paypal / G-Cash / Payoneer / AirTM . Payment methods may be frequently updated or modified. New payment methods may be added frequently depending on the country.

  • Frequency of payments: Daily payments upon meeting the minimum payment of $10 USD, although we recommend requesting payments greater than $50 USD so that the cost of withdrawal is cheaper.

Chamet App Hostess Income Table

golden beans Income in ($) USD
10.000 $1 USD
100.000 $10 USD
200.000 $20 USD
300.000 $30 USD
400.000 $40 USD
500.000 $50 USD
1.000.000 $100 USD
1.500.00 $150 USD
2.000.000 $200 USD
4.000.000 $400 USD
5.000.000 $500 USD

Hostess Registration in Chamet App

To work from home directly from your Android or iOS (iPhone) cell phone, below we will explain step by step how to register as a Host in Chamet App and start earning a lot of money online as a Streamer in Chamet. Remember that you will receive our strategic accompaniment in response to questions, doubts and concerns.

You can register using the GMAIL or PHONE option, but when you log in you must log in using the same option.

Step 1: Create my Hostess account in Chamet

To create your Chamet Host account, click on the following button « Become a Chamet Host / Streamer » or you can read the QR code from your cell phone.

Chamet Host Registration QR Code

Then you must fill out all the information requested for the Chamet App Registration .

Registration - Become a Hostess Chamet app
  1. Select Your Region , area code of your country. Example: +57 Colombia, +58 Venezuela, etc.
  2. Enter your cell phone number and then click the " Send " button.
  3. You must enter the Chamet code sent by text message to your cell phone number. This code is valid for 1 minute .
  4. After entering the code, click on the " JOIN/LINK " button.

After verifying the cell phone number, the option to download the application will appear.

Click on the “ Download Chamet

Download Chamet App

If you have an iOS or iPhone cell phone, you can download the App directly from the Apple App Store .

Step 2: Log in to the Chamet App

Once the registration is finished and you have downloaded the Chamet on your mobile, you open the App and you are going to log in with the number you used for the previous registration, click on the " MORE OPTIONS PHONE " option. :

Remember: You must log in using the same option that you used in your account REGISTRATION. GMAIL or PHONE

Login to Chamet App - Streamer Agent MaJu Agency
  1. MORE OPTIONS option .
  2. Then we click on the “ PHONE ” or “GMAIL” depending on the option you used when registering.

It is very important for the registration to be correct, start with the TELEPHONE and not with the Facebook or Google options, starting with the Google or Facebook options could invalidate the registration and we may have to activate MANUALLY .

For those cases it is necessary that you contact us at our support WhatsApp to help you with the activation.


PHONE or GMAIL option

Login to Chamet - Streamer Agent MaJu Agency
  1. Enter the number you used for the previous registration in STEP 1 and then Next.
  2. You will receive a four-digit code by text message, which you must enter and then click Next.

Then we must enter a password of more than 6 characters and then click Next.

Set a password in Chamet App

Step 3: Set up a profile on Chamet

Set up profile in Chamet App - Streamer Agent
  1. You must select the Gender Woman «Female» .
  2. Confirm the valid Date of Birth, this App is intended for women over 18 years of age.
  3. Then click “Next” .
  4. You must select a valid profile photo. Without any erotic content, frames, borders or other people, you must be yourself .
  5. Enter the username or nickname you want to have, as you want to call yourself in the Chamet App.

Then you click on "Complete" to finish the basic configuration of the initial profile in Chamet.

Once this initial configuration process of the profile is finished, we can start using the Chamet App and explore each of its features.

Chamet Activation Form (Required)

Number I use to register in Chamet

Confirm Registration and Activation in Chamet

Once the Registration is finished and you have logged into Chamet , you will write to our WhatsApp Support numbers +57 3145652642 or +57 3218945421 or click on the following Buttons to go to a Conversation with our specialist where you will Indicate your Name , the Telephone Number that you used for the registration, Country and the Application ID that you can find in the My Profile > Identity Card (ID) .

Chamet Rules of Use

  • The hostess must be appropriately dressed while broadcasting live.

  • The hostess must have appropriate clothing and be made up.
  • Broadcasting nudity is prohibited, even if the hostess's body is partially covered with a veil or towel.

  • Transmission in lingerie or without additional clothing is not allowed.

  • The breasts, buttocks and external genital organs must be completely covered with an opaque fabric.

  • The lowest point of a neckline must not be below the lower part of the chest.

  • Showering or bathing on a live stream is prohibited.

  • Nudity or excessively sexualized content is not allowed.

  • It is totally forbidden to share personal and contact data.

Sexual behaviors that are NOT allowed in Chamet App - Streamer Agent

Failure to comply with the rules may lead to the suspension of the account for a certain time or if there is a recurrence in breach of the rules, it will cause the cancellation of the account..

Sexualized content is understood as: sexually suggestive or provocative activity that may include sexual postures or behaviors, suggestive or provocative sexual language , sexual services offered as an escort or filmed sexual activity.

  • During private calls, AFTER THE THIRD MINUTE (+ 3 minutes) , you can make more EXCLUSIVE , which is determined by you. We always recommend adding value to your PRIVATE CALLS with creativity and that the moment warrants it.

  • Remember that Chamet has an artificial intelligence system that constantly monitors transmissions, it can detect if Hostesses or Streamers who do not frequently use the App and are unable to earn money, can stop assigning calls, in such a way that the invitation is to use the App responsibly and with a lot of commitment. The amount of income you want to earn depends on you.

Chamet Rules – What you can and can't do?

Chamet's rules

Private Messages in Chamet App

private message service for when you're not live. There you will find the message history, through which you can send more personalized audio, images and videos.

You will also find system messages with important and valuable information, such as prizes, updates and alerts for breaches of the rules, it is an automatic service of the application.

At Chamet servicie you can find Chamet's automatic service for automated questions and answers.

We can also see the messages that our users send us to generate interactions. Where we can share more exclusive audios, images and videos. Within an internal message conversation with a user, on the left side you will find the automatic translation , when you activate it you will be able to communicate with your users more fluently since you write in your native language and the user will receive in the language that you have configured in your profile.

Levels in Chamet

The Levels in Chamet are taken into account by monthly income, maximum limit of this month or last month. Chamet levels start at Lv0 to Lv10 represented in the following table.

In such a way that if you want to level up in Chamet , you have to generate the most amount of Income to level up and have the Benefits of the Levels.

Levels and Level rules in Chamet - Streamer Agent

When you reach the following levels you will obtain spectacular Benefits:

  • Level Lv3 – Mass Message Privilege: You will be able to send mass messages to Online users to receive more video calls. It is supported in Chamet App Version 1.0.15 or higher. ( See Video of Sending Massive Messages )
  • Level Lv5 – Entrance Effect (Normal): It is an exclusive effect for this normal level. It is supported in Chamet App Version 1.2.5 or higher.
  • Level Lv6 – Party Room Privilege: Open the Party room to have real-time voice video chat with invited users. It is supported in Chamet App Version 1.2.5 or higher.
  • Level Lv7 – Entrance Effect (Advanced): It is an exclusive effect for this advanced level. It is supported in Chamet App Version 1.3.12 or higher.
  • Lv9 Level – Entrance Effect (Premium): It is an exclusive effect for this Premium level. It is supported in Chamet App Version 1.3.12 or higher.

Configure Chamet payment method

Payments in Chame t are made weekly, the minimum payment is $10 USD , although we recommend making withdrawals greater than $50 USD .

You can request your payments weekly using the following payment methods depending on availability in your country.

To configure the payment method available in your country:

My earnings Chamet App Streamer Agent

  1. Enter the Chamet profile option at the bottom right.
  2. Click on the "My Earnings" .
  3. "My Wallet" option .
  4. There you must select your country to confirm the available payment method, select the desired payment method and enter all the information requested.

You must verify that the information is complete so that you do not have problems later with payments.

My wallet my earnings Chamet App

See my Chamet Earnings

To see your earnings in Chamet, we enter My Earnings , in the earnings option you will see the amount of beans you have and the equivalent in dollars.

Everything you do from Monday to Sunday you will see in PROFITS. After the cut, the App will pass your earnings to the Wallet in multiples of $10 USD . Once you have it in your WALLET you can request the payments.

We recommend requesting payments greater than $50 USD, if you request less than that amount, the App will charge you a small commission for the cost of the transaction for minor amounts.

  • At the bottom of the option of my earnings, you will have a small statistic of what you have done in beans, the duration of the LIVE calls and the duration of the calls.
  • You will also find the details of earnings, in this part you will be able to see in detail what you have made both in gifts and calls.
  • In settlement detail you will be able to see the cutting process that the application does to transfer your earnings to the wallet.

Set my greeting words

There we will establish a message preferably in English, accompanied by a photo, these greetings can be used by default to send to new friends or connected users in the App.

For example, Hello honey how are you today.

We can send the messages to users online. Remembering that this benefit is activated when you exceed Level 3. (See benefits of Levels in Chamet)

Configure the price of my Chat

All Streamers can modify the price of their private calls according to their need, but we recommend not doing it until you have gained enough followers and friends that they can pay you a higher price.

In many cases, raising the price would prevent you from receiving private calls.

The price will increase by 1,000 beans every 7 days of continuous use of the App. 

My settings and Chamet settings

In the Chamet settings we can configure the language of the application, keep in mind that this is the language that the application will use for automatic translation.

  • You will be able to see the black list that will be the list of users that you block in the App.
  • You will find the policies for the use of the application and information about Chamet, at the bottom you will be able to see the version of the App and the option to close session.
  • We always recommend having the latest version of the application to take advantage of all the features and all the new options that will come.

Start streaming on Chamet App – Go LIVE

Start streaming live on Chamet App - Streamer Agency
  • At this time you can start working on the Chamet App from your cell phone and start broadcasting live.
Below we will explain some additional configuration that must be done and an explanation of the main features that Chamet has for you, the general rules of use and some recommendations to get the most out of Chamet.

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Chamet functionalities

Chamet Streamer Agent Options and Features

Chamet App Streamer Agent Features

  1. RANDOM MATCH: It is the functionality of Chamet that allows us to meet and receive calls from random users. Have the most of fun meeting new people in 1 on 1 video calls .
  2. LIVE: It is the functionality of Chamet that allows us to do live in real time so that users join our video broadcast. It is a fun way to meet and interact with users, where you can dance, sing, chat and receive gifts from users.
  3. LET'S PARTY: It is the Chamet functionality that allows you to integrate with other Streamers and make group broadcasts. This functionality is activated once you exceed level 5. ( See User Levels in Chamet ) .
  4. MESSAGES: It is Chamet's internal messaging system, where you can chat offline, share photos with other users.
  5. CHAMET: It is the functionality to access the Profile, Earnings, Levels, account and profile settings.

Chamet Awards and Contests

Chamet has various prizes and contests that will allow you to earn additional Golden Beans as a bonus for performance and consistency of results.

Daily Contest – Chamet Daily Star – Daily Star Competition

The Chamet Daily Star Award – Daily Star Competition is an award given to the top 20 Chamet Streamers from each Country.

  1. The top 20 hostesses in the daily rank can earn different levels of rewards. Rank is based on daily earnings from both video chat and gifting.
  2. The full cycle of this activity is from 00:00UTC+8 to 23:59 UTC+8 every day.
  3. The reward in prizes will depend on the total win of the top 100 from each country.
  4. Winner must be a verified Streamer, must have profile photo.
  5. Users who maliciously change country information will not get the reward.
  6. The list of winners is published the following day.
  7. Rewards are shipped the next day ( may be delayed due to holidays ).
  8. Rewards are sent in the form of gold beans.
  9. The popular page order varies in real time based on the daily ranking order.

Chamet reserves all rights , including the right of interpretation at the end of the contest.

We can see the awards at the bottom in the Ranking of the top 100 of each country and we can see the top of the previous days.

Chamet Daily Star - Daily Star Competition

StreamerAgent contests sponsored by MaJu Agency

StreamerAgent and MaJu Agency have constantly running contests and extra bonuses for Actively participating in Chamet.

  1. We will reward all the Streamers who connect every day for more than 5 hours a day and obtain more than $200USD, they will receive an additional $10USD from StramerAgent and MaJu Agency that will be transferred to the available payment method once they meet the requirements. requirements to deserve the award.
  2. We will reward the Streamers who Schedule a creative LIVE broadcast with a partner to carry out a PK BATTLE MARATHON of more than 3 consecutive hours , these Battles must be between two Streamers who have completed the registration process according to the TUTORIAL and are ACTIVE with StreamerAgent. The Prize will be equivalent to 5% of what they do in the PK BATTLE MARATHON, the prize is divided among the participants.
  • New Contests, prizes and Incentives by StreamerAgent and MaJu Agency .

If you wish to obtain any of the following prizes, contact our Support team that will be available from Monday to Saturday from 8AM to 8PM in UTC+5 hours.

Withdraw earnings at Chamet

We enter the My Earnings option, remember that the minimum withdrawal in Chamet is $10 USD, but we recommend making withdrawals greater than $50 USD, otherwise the Application may charge you the cost of the transaction for smaller amounts.

WITHDRAW button will be activated at the bottom , confirm the payment method, enter the amount you want to withdraw.

The application shows them that there is a cost for withdrawals of less than $50 USD.

We enter the amount to withdraw, and we confirm.

In the payment details , we will see the details of payment withdrawals made where the pending status means that the application is in the process of paying, this can take 1 to 2 business days for banks (Monday to Friday). .

Tips and Recommendations for Chamet Hostesses

We have put together some tips and recommendations for Chamet hostesses to get the most out of Chamet and earn more money.

  • Upload an attractive profile image to improve your chances of receiving more calls.

  • Use a good description in the bio, use emojis and share your likes.

  • Keep the profile updated with all the requested information.

  • Keep your background nice and clean while online, use headphones to better communicate with users.

  • Make sure to always show your face in the center of the screen.
  • You can sometimes use the Random Match to receive calls from random users.

  • You can use the FIESTA to integrate with other hostesses and users at the same time.
  • Find the right time to ask your followers to send gifts (gifts = beans = $$).

  • Make many friends and give priority to disinterested conversations, beans will come as a complement when you endear yourself to users.

  • If you have a lot of followers on Chamet app, please try to integrate with other hostesses, you can challenge other host girl in PK battle.

  • After a few months of acquiring a lot of followers on Chamet, you can analyze the option to increase the price of your video call, by going to the option ( Profile > Price of my chat ) to earn more.

Recommended Promo in Chamet App

Chamet App has launched a new promotion functionality for Streamer that meets the quality requirements in its broadcasts.

They have added the Official Referral Rank to the top of the list ( See Image ), Viewers and Gifts will be doubled or tripled when a hostess is officially referred to Chamet . Now, we are inviting professional Live Streaming Hostesses to select them under some criteria and qualifications to place them in the top official recommendation position for Chamet as a Promotion.

Official Recommendation Position Chamet App - Streamer Agent

In order to qualify and apply for this Promotion, Chamet App has some requirements for these Streamers:

  1. They should use beautiful HD photos of each other for the poster and photo album. Profile photos with good quality.
  2. They must have good lighting during their transmissions, use equipment such as fill light, microphone, etc. to make live streaming more professional.
  3. They should play background music and have a neat background during a Live to create a comfortable and enjoyable atmosphere.
  4. They should be able to ask for more gifts by singing , dancing or providing other activities to interact with viewers during a Live.
  5. The brightness, the pose, the camera angle , are also important conditions for the Chamet Administrators to determine if you are qualified for this Promo.

If any of you consider that you can meet all the requirements specified above , write to WhatsApp for personalized support to carry out the verification in a personalized way, help you find a balance with what you have and make the request to the Chamet App administrators .

Once someone is selected for the " Official Referral Position ", we will send a message to the system to let you know.

Support and personalized help on Chamet App

If you need help or personalized technical support about the Chamet App and all its features, you can contact us at WhatsApp for help . It is very important that when you write you specify your ID (Chamet Identity Card) and TELEPHONE NUMBER that you use for registration.

Our support team will be happy to talk with you and help you solve all the concerns you may have, they will also be able to provide you with new recommendations and suggestions so that you can improve your income in Chamet.

Support and personalized help by WhatsApp

We have our exclusive help and support available through WhatsApp to resolve concerns and provide strategic support and technical support on general concerns about the use of the Chamet App, share news, updates, contests and many more events. You can write to any of our support numbers.

This support is exclusive for Streamers who completed the registration process with us and validated their account . We invite you to contact our Support and Help to validate your registration and add you to EXCLUSIVE WHATSAPP SUPPORT .

Additional Resources

Join the Streamers Apps community

In the Community of Streamers Apps we will share Information about updates, new releases, new Apps for Streamers and Hostesses, industry events, contests and general information .

Remember not to leave the community , it will be a communication channel through which you will have access to relevant and updated information. You can also have direct communication with the Administrators who can provide you with personalized help and support.

Frequently Asked Questions Chamet App

Answers to the most frequently asked questions about the Chamet App.

How much can I earn as a Streamer?2021-08-12T21:29:43-05:00

Our best Streamer girls earn more than $50 USD a day connecting for 4 to 6 hours a day , which means that they make more than $1,500 USD per month.

If you want to start forging your future as a Streamer Girl from your cell phone and start generating income, this opportunity is for you. Register as a Streamer in Chamet here . You can also Register for Tango Live here .

What is Random Match in Chamet?2021-09-21T14:36:05-05:00

Random Match is the functionality that allows us to meet and receive calls from random users . Have the most of fun meeting new people in 1 on 1 video calls .

Random Match is a FREE Feature for most users that the App uses as a strategy to get them to buy Beans and then call the Streamers, sometimes the App GIVES them 300 beans but not always. Many of the calls you make on Random Match are Free, with courtesy .

The suggested Strategy with RANDOM MATCH is to make friends, make followers, answer the call and invite them to follow them so that later it is the users who call them, being very happy and affectionate in less than 1 minute. Then if the user wants to call them, you go to LIVE and from there the user will be able to call them and they will earn minute by minute according to the established price. (further…)

What is Chamet App?2021-06-29T14:01:12-05:00

1 on 1 and multiplayer online video chat app With video calls and translation, you can communicate with people face to face anytime, anywhere.

It is an excellent way to eliminate social phobia and understand the cultures of different countries.

Meet new friends with Chamet and monetize every moment you are in the App, you can get excellent income with Chamet . You are just one click away from opening the world to yourself!

Strategies for Prolonging Calls as a Streamer2021-08-12T21:29:30-05:00

One strategy to prolong and retain users in calls is to design a short script with basic questions in several languages ​​where you greet them euphorically, ask them what their names , where , how old they are, what they like to do , and so on. way you respond with yours.

That way they have spent the first minute and you establish trust with them, you can be expressive when they say they are from Mexico, for example, tell them that you like that country, that it is very beautiful and thus they establish trust with you.

Also invite them to follow you, add you to your friends in the App so they are aware when you connect to the App, you can also share what times you connect in the App.

Then you can ask them what they do in their free time , what are their hobbies , favorite sport and so on. Sometimes we will learn about general culture and history . Many will send you gifts and that will make you earn much more.

Remember that it is totally forbidden to share personal and contact data, or to remove the user from the App, if he wishes to continue seeing you, it must be exclusively through the App, thus guaranteeing that you have peace of mind and will not find you on your personal networks.

Know all the answers to the most frequently asked questions about Streamer and Streamer Agencies .

What are the Agencies in Chamet?2021-07-19T13:15:14-05:00

The Agencies in Chamet have the main functionality of Recruiting , Training and Accompanying Streamer girls interested in working from their cell phones in the Chamet App , from the comfort of their home.

Chamet gives its agencies access to a web application where they can manage, view connection times, add and monitor all the statistics of the Streamers in Chamet . You can also verify the commissions earned as the official Chamet App Agency .

Recommendations to be a Successful Streamer?2021-08-12T21:30:18-05:00

The following are some recommendations to become a Successful Streamer and get the most out of existing Dating Apps .

  • You should always convey using makeup to enhance feminine beauty.
  • Set an eye-catching and impactful profile photo.
  • Always set a photo of yourself. DO NOT use other photos with frames or borders.
  • Your profile picture should be in excellent quality, if you don't have one, take the time to take some.
  • Dress appropriately for the occasion.
  • Wear comfortable clothing.
  • Feel free to explore your personality and build good virtual relationships with users and friends.
  • Always keep your transmission environment clean and tidy.
  • Always greet users with a smile on your face and greet them once they arrive at your stream.
  • Please comply with all the rules of the App, research everything about it.
  • Creativity has no limits.
Collective Gifts in Chamet App2021-08-30T22:47:06-05:00

Collective gifts are now available at Chamet

Collective Gifts is a new series of gifts from the Chamet App , whose hostess and Streamer can get a huge bean reward when they collect a complete set of these gifts.

Each collective gift will be sent as a RANDOM gift in the corresponding gift series.

So, every time the host Streamer gets one of them, she has to OPEN IT to see which one they finally get! ( By clicking on the gift logo in the lower right corner ).

Host Streamers need to update the Chamet App to version 2.1.0 as soon as possible to start taking advantage of this new Update

How to create the Chamet Agency?2021-06-29T13:06:29-05:00

To become an Official Agency in Chamet App , follow the steps indicated in Create Chamet App Agency . You can work from home and earn a very good commission for Chamet Official Agent.


How much does Random Match Chamet cost?2021-09-21T14:39:35-05:00

Random Match functionality the Chamet App is a FREE Feature for most users that the App uses as a strategy to get them to buy Beans and then call the Streamers, sometimes the App GIVES them 300 beans.

The suggested Strategy with RANDOM MATCH is to make friends, make followers, answer the call and invite them to follow them so that later it is the users who call them, being very happy and affectionate in less than 1 minute. Then if the user wants to call them, you go to LIVE and from there the user will be able to call them and they will earn minute by minute according to the established price.

Chamet allows hostesses to use the Random Match and will be able to get 300 RANDOM beans/min as a reward. When the hostesses wait live, their beans are still calculated as normal.

You might also be interested in knowing what is Random Match in Chamet? Chamet App FAQ session .


What is the Chamet Official Recommendation Position?2021-08-12T21:28:19-05:00

The Chamet App Official Referral Position is a promotional feature for Streamers under certain quality requirements in their broadcasts.

They have added the Official Referral Rank to the top of the list, viewers and gifts will double or triple when a hostess is officially referred on Chamet . Professional Live Stream Hosts may be selected under certain criteria and qualifications to place them in the top official recommendation position for Chamet as a Promotion .

Official Recommendation Position Chamet App - Streamer Agent

In order to qualify and apply for this Promotion, Chamet App has some requirements for these Streamers:


What is Streamer?2021-08-12T22:01:39-05:00

Streamer is currently one of the most promising modern activities on the internet, where it is broadcasted in real time by means of live streaming platforms to multiple people who are located anywhere in the world.

Currently it is possible to be a Live Broadcast Streamer Model and earn income, this activity is closely related to entertainment in general and has become a source of income for thousands of people around the world.

How are the payment cuts in Chamet App?2021-07-12T20:34:01-05:00

The cuts and settlement of payments in Chamet are as follows:

  • Everything done from Monday to Sunday in time (UTC +8) is part of the cut of the week.
  • The cut-off day is Monday at 5:00 AM (UTC +8), the App transfers the earnings made to your Wallet approximately Thursday, as long as your earnings are greater than $10 USD. They are made in multiples of 10 , for example $10, $20, $30, $40, etc.
  • After you see your earnings in the Wallet , you can request the payments or accumulate them to request larger amounts. We recommend requesting amounts greater than $50 USD .

For withdrawal amounts less than $50 USD, the App will deduct $1 USD for transaction costs and minor taxes.

Agencies receive their payments every Thursday Automatically, see FAQ Streamer .

What is Chamet PK Battle?2021-06-29T13:12:23-05:00

The Chamet PK Battle is a virtual challenge between 2 or more hosts/ streamers . In this challenge, whoever gets the most gifts will win the challenge.

There is a PK battle option available for all hostesses who can start their own party room ( Minimum level of Lv5 required ).

Chamet App -Streamer Agent MaJu Agency

How to start with Chamet Fiesta?2021-06-29T13:08:52-05:00

Vamos de Fiesta is the Chamet functionality that allows you to integrate with other Streamers and make group broadcasts. This functionality is activated once you exceed level 5. ( See User Levels in Chamet ) .

To start your own Party Live , you need to get level 5, as you level up, you can open your own party live stream and enjoy with all your friends.