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Register Streamer Hostess of Chamet App

Streamer Chamet App

You will become a Host Streamer model of the app CHAMET – video chat live and party halls.

If you are bored, you want to do something fun and you need interesting friends but at the same time the opportunity to earn money.  ¡Chamet App It's what you're looking for!

Chamet App - video chat and party halls
Chamet App
Video chat live and party halls

Hostess Chamet App

Become Streamer in Chamet

About Chamet App

Chamet is a video online chat application 1 to 1 and multiplayer, which allows you to make friends from all over the world. With video calls and translation, you can communicate with people face to face at any time and anywhere.

It is an excellent way to eliminate social phobia and understand the cultures of different countries.

Meet new friends with Chamet and Monetize every moment you are inside the app, you can get excellent income. You are just a click from opening the world for you!

Win a lot of money money working with CHAMET APP from your home.

Characteristics of Chamet App

CHAMET APP has the following features and functionalities:

  • Video chat 1 to 1 with registered users: You can make individual video calls with people from anywhere in the world.

  • Have fun in the party room: You can have video chat with a maximum of 5 people at the same time.

  • Guaranteed Streamers Authenticity: Use cam Live Waiting to make sure the transmitter and live coverage are consistent.

  • Do not allow false or different photos to the genre: All streamers are online in real time and respond to video calls in seconds.

  • Fluid experience in video calls: The network connection has been optimized to provide users with a more fluid video chat experience.

  • Compatible with beauty effects, filters and stickers: You can customize the beauty effects to make you look more beautiful. There are a variety of filters and stickers to make your chat live in more interesting Chamet App.

  • Real-time translation: Do not worry about the language barrier because we have a useful real-time translation.

  • Host Streamers from different countries: You can chat with any user in the country you like.

  • Fast and easy logon: Using Facebook, Google or Phone to log in quickly in Chamet And start chatting with live video with one click. For this guide it is necessary to log in by the phone option.

  • Send and receive gifts in live chat or text chat: Chamet It offers a list of popular stars, so you can follow them as you want. You can send and receive gifts from your favorite streamers to show your worship.

  • Live chat tips: Use our live video beauty effects so that it looks more handsome or beautiful. Upload your attractive cover to show you, brings more followers and fans, become famous as stars. The cover of the video will help you have more opportunities.

Permissions you request Chamet App

  • Camera: Necessary to make the video calls, take and save the profile photos.

  • Microphone: It allows to capture the sound during video calls.

  • Location: It is used for coincidence based on the location of users.

  • Photo gallery: Necessary for the sending of photos to your friends.

  • Notifications: Necessary to keep up with requests for friends, messages and incoming video calls.

About Hostess Chamet App

The CHAMET host models have the payments on a weekly way directly by the APP CHAMET, where the hostess can win from 1,200 to 12,000 beans per minute (gold coins) equivalent in USD dollars represented below.

If you want to become a host model in CHAMET APP, follow the step-by-step specified below to register and start working as CHAMET APP hostess.

Requirements of Chamet App

  • Gender: Only women.

  • Countries: All.

  • Admitted system: Available for Android cell phones.

  • Moneda virtual: Frijoles de oro equivalente a USD. 10.000 frijoles equivalen a $1 USD. Ver tabla a continuación.

  • Minimum payment: 100,000 beans, equivalent to $ 10 USD.

  • Payment methods: Bank transfer Wire / ePay / Paypal / G-Cash. New methods of payments are added frequently depending on the country.

  • Frequency of payments: Weekly payments when meeting the minimum payment.

Host Income Table Chamet App

Golden beansIncome in ($) USD
10.000$ 1 USD
100.000$ 10 USD
200.000$ 20 USD
300.000$ 30 USD
400.000$ 40 USD
500.000$ 50 USD
1.000.000$ 100 USD
1.500.00$ 150 USD
2.000.000$ 200 USD
4.000.000$ 400 USD

Host registration Chamet App

To work from home directly from your Android cell phone, then we explained step by step how the record is made as hostess at Chamet App and start earning a lot of money online as Streamer in Chamet.

STEP 1: Create your CHAMET hostess account

To create your hostess account in CHAMET, click on the following button “Become Host / Streamer Chamet” Or you can read the QR code from the cell phone.


Registration – Become Hostess in Chamet

Below you must fill out all the information that requests you for the Registration in CHAMET APP.

Register Streamer Chamet
  1. Select your region, area code of your country. Example: +57 Colombia, +58 Venezuela, etc.
  2. Enter your cell phone number and then you give it on the “Send” button.
  3. You must enter the CHAMET code sent by text message to your cell phone number. That code is valid for 1 minute.
  4. After entering the code you click on the “Join/Link” button.

After checking the cell phone number, the option will be released to download the application.

You click on the button “Descargar

Descargar Chamet App

STEP 2: Log in to the APP CHAMET

Once the registration is finished and you have downloaded the app CHAMET On Your Mobile, open the app and you will log in with the number you used for the previous record, you give you in the “MORE OPTIONS” option and then in the “PHONE” option:

Iniciar sesion en Chamet App - Streamer Agente MaJu Agency
  1. When you open the CHAMET APP for the first time, it is necessary to select the “MORE OPTIONS” option.
  2. Then we give you in the option “PHONE“.

It is very important for the registration to be correct, start by the PHONE option and not because of the Facebook or Google options, starting for Google or Facebook options could invalidate the record and maybe we have to perform the activation manually .

For those cases it is necessary that you contact us to our support whatsapp to help you with activation.

Remember: Do not start on Facebook; Neither Google. Maybe your contacts are synchronized. (By privacy it's better than not doing it).

Use only the option of  TELEPHONE.

Iniciar sesion en Chamet - Streamer Agente MaJu Agency
  1. Enter the number you used for the previous record in STEP 1 and then on next.
  2. You will get a code of four digits by text message, which you must enter and then give as follows.

Then we must enter a password of more than 6 characters and then we give it on next.

Establecer una contrasena en Chamet App

STEP 3: Configure profile in CHAMET

Configurar perfil en Chamet App - Streamer Agent
  1. You must select the genre, a woman “Female”.
  2. Confirming the valid date of birth, this APP is intended for women over 18 years of age.
  3. Then, click “Next”.
  4. You must select a valid profile photo. Without any kind of erotic content, frames, edges or other people, it must be yourself.
  5. Enter the username or nickname you want to have, as you want to call you on the CHAMET APP.

Then you give him in “Complete” to end the basic configuration of the initial profile in Chamet.

Once this process of initial profile configuration is finished, we can start using the CHAMET App and explore each of its functionalities.

Start transmitting in Chalet App

Empezar a transmitir en vivo en Chamet App - Streamer Agency
  • At this time you can start working at CHAMET APP from your cell phone and start transmitting live.
Next, we will explain some additional configuration that must be made and an explanation of the main functionalities that CHAMET has for you, the general rules of use and some recommendations to get the most out of Chamet.

Confirm registration and activation in CHAMET

Once the register is finished, you are going to write to our support numbers of whatsapp +57 3145652642 or at +57 3218945421 or click on the following buttons to go to a conversation where you are going to indicate the phone number you used for the record, Your name, country and the ID of the application that you find it in the option of my profile> Identity card (ID).

Configure Chamet Payment Method

Chamet payments are made weekly, the minimum payment is $ 10 USD every Thursday.

Chamet sends your profits weekly using the following payment methods according to availability in your country.

To configure the payment method available in your country:

Mis ganancias Chamet App Streamer Agent

  1. Enter the CHAMET profile option at the bottom right.
  2. Click on the option “My Earnings”.
  3. Then in the option of “My wallet”.
  4. There you must select your country to confirm the available payment method, select the desired payment method and enter all the information they request.

You must verify that the information is complete so you do not have problems later with the payments.

Mi billetera mis ganancias Chamet App

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Withdraw earnings on Chamet

Every Thursday you can apply for the payment always when they are over $ 10 USD, you can also accumulate to make larger money retreats, regularly the app warns you that if the amount to be removed is less than $ 50 USD per transaction cost of minor amounts.

We always recommend making retreats of more than $ 50USD

Functions Chamet App

Funcionalidades de Chamet App Streamer Agent

  1. RANDOM MATCH: It is the Chamet functionality that allows us to know and receive calls from random users. Have fun knowing new people in video calls 1 to 1.
  2. LIVE: It is the functionality of CHAMET that allows us to do in living in real time so that users join our video transmission. It is a fun way to know and interact with users, where you can dance, sing, talk and receive gifts from users.
  3. LET'S GO PARTY: It is the Chamet functionality that allows you to integrate with other streamers and make group transmissions. This functionality is activated once you exceed Level 5. (see user levels in CHAMET).
  4. MESSAGES: It is the internal courier system of CHAMET, where you can chat offline, share photos with users.
  5. CHAMET: It is functionality to access profile, profits, levels, account configuration and profile.
Opciones y Funcionalidades de Chamet Streamer Agent

Levels in Chamet App

The levels in CHAMET are taken into account for monthly income, maximum stop this month or last month. Chalet levels initiate in LV0 to LV10 represented in the following table.

In such a way that if you want to increase in the level in Chamet, you have to generate as much income to level up and have the benefits of the levels.

NIveles y reglas de Nivel en Chamet - Streamer Agent

Upon arrival at the following levels you will get spectacular benefits:

  • Nivel Lv3 – Privilege of mass messages: You can send mass messages to online users to receive more video calls. It is admitted in the version of the CHAMET 1.0.15 or higher APP.
  • Nivel Lv5 – Input effect (Normal): It is an exclusive effect for this normal level. It is admitted in the version of the CHAMET 1.2.5 or higher APP.
  • Nivel Lv5 – Privilege of holiday hall: Open the party room to have voice chat in real time with invited users. It is admitted in the version of the CHAMET 1.2.5 or higher APP.
  • Nivel Lv7 – Input effect (Advanced): It is an exclusive effect for this advanced level. It is admitted in the version of the app CHAMET 1.3.12 or higher.
  • Nivel Lv9 – Input effect (Premium): It is an exclusive effect for this premium level. It is admitted in the version of the app CHAMET 1.3.12 or higher.

Awards and Chamet Contests

Chamet has several awards and contests that will allow you to obtain additional gold beans as a bonus for performance and perseverance in the results.

Chamet Daily Star  – Daily Star Competition

The Chamet Daily Star Prize – Daily Star Competition is a prize that is awarded to the first 5 Streamer models of CHAMET.

  1. The best hosts in the daily rank can earn different reward levels. The range is based on the daily earnings of both the videochat and gifts.
  2. The complete cycle of this activity is from 00: 00UTC + 8 to 23:59 UTC + 8 every day.
  3. The list of confirmed winners is published the next day.
  4. The rewards are sent the next day (it can be delayed due to holidays).
  5. The rewards are sent in the form of gold beans.
  6. The order of the popular page varies in real time according to the order of the daily classification.

Chamet reserves all rights, including the right of interpretation at the end of the contest.

Contest positionAwarded award
1) First place500.000 Golden beans
2) Second place400.000 Golden beans
3) Third place300.000 Golden beans
4) Fourth place200.000 Golden beans
5) Fifth place100.000 Golden beans
Chamet Daily Star  - Competencia Diaria de Estrellas

Chamet Carnival – Carnaval de Chamet

  1. Duration of competition 00:00 from 2021 25-06 23:59 from 2021 27-06 UTC + 8, 3 days in total.
  2. You can choose a track from 00:00 from 2021 23-06 23:59 of 2021 24-06 UTC + 8 for users who did not choose one, the system will automatically assign a random track after the competition begins.
  3. You can not change a track after choosing it, which means that you can only compete with the users of the same track.
  4. All types of profits will be calculated in the list. The final result is based on the total gain of these 3 days.
  5. Once the competition begins, you can see the classification in real time on the activity page. The final classification is subject to the announcement once the competition is finished.
  6. The rewards will be sent during 28-06 30-06 UTC + 8.
  7. This event is only for women. If any user who wins a reward is like a male user, the reward for him will be canceled.

CHAMET reserves all rights, including the right of final interpretation.

Chamet Carnival - Carnaval de Chamet

Rules of Use of Chamet

  • The hostess must be adequately dressed as it transmits live.

  • The hostess must have adequate clothes and be made up.

  • It is forbidden to transmit naked, even if the body of the hostess is partially covered with a veil or towel.

  • Transmission is not allowed in lingerie or without additional clothing.

  • The breasts, buttocks and external genital organs must be completely covered with an opaque tissue.

  • The lower point of a neckline should not be below the bottom of the chest.

  • Showing or bathing in a live broadcast is prohibited.

  • Nakedness or excessively sexualized content is not allowed.

  • It is totally forbidden to share personal and contact data.

El contenido sexualizado incluye: actividad sexualmente sugerente o provocadora que puede incluir posturas o comportamientos sexuales, lenguaje sexual sugerente o provocador, servicios sexuales ofrecidos como escort o actividad sexual filmada.

Failure to comply with the rules may cause the suspension of the account for a given time or if there is recidivism in breach of the rules originating the cancellation of the account.

Sexualized content is understood as: sexually suggestive or provocative activity that may include positions or sexual behaviors, suggestive or provocative sexual language, sexual services offered as escort or filmed sexual activity.

Tips and recommendations for CHAMET HOST

We have collected some tips and recommendations for CHAMET hostes to get the most out of Chamet and earn more money.

  • Climb an attractive profile image to improve the chances of receiving more calls.

  • Use a good description in the biography, use emoticons and share your tastes.

  • Keep the profile updated with all the information requested.

  • Keep your background clean and enjoyable while connected, use headphones to communicate better with users.

  • Make sure you show your face always in the center of the screen.

  • You can sometimes use the Random Match option to receive calls from random user.

  • You can use the party functionality to integrate with other hostesses and users at the same time.

  • Find the right time to ask your followers to send gifts (gifts = beans = $$).

  • Make many friends and give priority to disinterested conversations, beans will come as a supplement when you make you want for users.

  • If you have many followers in the CHAMET application, try a member with other hostesses, you can challenge another host girl at the PK battle.

  • After a few months of acquiring many followers in Chamet, you can analyze the option of increasing the price of your video call, entering the option (Profile> price of my chat) to earn more.

Support and personalized Help on CHAMET APP

If you need help or personalized technical support about the CHAMET App and all its functionalities, you can contact us to help whatsapp. It is very important that when you type you specify your ID (Chamet identity card) and phone number that I use for registration.

Our support team will be happy to talk with you and help you solve all the concerns you may have, you will also be able to give you new recommendations and suggestions so that you can improve the income in Chamet.

Group of Chamet on WhatsApp

We have available an exclusive help group in WhatsApp to resolve concerns and provide them with strategic accompaniment and technical support on general concerns of the use of the CHAMET App. You can b code to join the group or click on the “Join the WHATSAPP STREAMER CHAMET APP group” button.

If you do not see the buttons to join the group, it means that you have not made the “verification of your record and activation on the app», we invite you to contact our support team and help you value your registration and add you to the group Exclusive of whatsapp.

Grupo de Chamet en Telegram

You can scan the QR code to join the group or click on the “Join the Streamer Chamet App” button.

Unirme Al Grupo en Telegram de Streamer Chamet
Join the Telegram Streamer Chamet Group

Recursos Adicionales

Become a chamet agency
Create an EPAY account for CHAMET
Create a Payoneer account for CHAMET
Create an AIRTM account for CHAMET

Frequent questions Chamet App

Answers to the most frequently asked questions about CHAMET APP.

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Streamer is currently one of the most promising modern Internet activities, where it is transmitted in real time by means of live transmission platforms to multiple people who are located anywhere in the world.

It is currently possible to be a live transmission streamer model and obtain income, this activity is closely related to entertainment in general and has become a source of income for thousands of people around the world.

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