Frequently Asked Questions What is Chamet's official recommendation position?

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The Chamet App Official Referral Position is a promotional feature for Streamers under certain quality requirements in their broadcasts.

They have added the Official Referral Rank to the top of the list, viewers and gifts will double or triple when a hostess is officially referred on Chamet . Professional Live Stream Hosts may be selected under certain criteria and qualifications to place them in the top official recommendation position for Chamet as a Promotion .

Official Recommendation Position Chamet App - Streamer Agent

In order to qualify and apply for this Promotion, Chamet App has some requirements for these Streamers:

  1. They should use beautiful HD photos of each other for the poster and photo album. Profile photos with good quality.
  2. They must have good lighting during their transmissions, use equipment such as fill light, microphone, etc. to make live streaming more professional.
  3. They should play background music and have a neat background during a Live to create a comfortable and enjoyable atmosphere.
  4. They should be able to ask for more gifts by singing , dancing or providing other activities to interact with viewers during a Live.
  5. The brightness, the pose, the camera angle , are also important conditions for the Chamet Administrators to determine if you are qualified for this Promo.

If any of you consider that you can meet all the requirements specified above , write to WhatsApp for personalized support to carry out the verification in a personalized way, help you find a balance with what you have and make the request to the Chamet App administrators .

Once someone is selected for the " Official Referral Position ", we will send a message to the system to let you know.

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