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Agency Registration in Live Balance

Agency Live Balance App

You will become a Live Balance App Agency – Attract new hosts for your Agency.

Become a Live Balance App Agency and work from home, generate income while finding hosts and having as much fun as possible. Go live to the Live Balance video chat platform from anywhere in the world.

Live Balance app: online video streams and chats
Live Balance Agency – Video Chat: Make friends
Video chat streams, Meet the best!

Agency on Live Balance App

Become a Live Balance Agency


About Live Balance App

Live Balance is a live video chat app designed to connect people around the world instantly and in a fun way. With Live Balance App, you can do the following:

  1. Meet New People : The app allows you to match and have instant video calls with interesting people from all over the world. It is an alternative and convenient way to maintain social contacts, ensuring high-quality video images and a wide variety of video effects.
  2. Easy-to-Use Interface : Live Balance has an intuitive interface that allows you to manage functions with a single click, making it easy to connect live to share important moments.
  3. Make Friends with a Click : You can choose attractive people within the application and connect instantly via video call. The app allows you to set gender filters and find friends who share your interests.
  4. Global Connection : Live Balance breaks geographical barriers, allowing you to make friends in any country. The app's modern technology facilitates unlimited meetings and chats, even offering the ability to link your Instagram account.
  5. Privacy and Security : The application ensures the privacy of your chats and personal data. You can save your video call history to keep in touch with your friends and make sure you don't forget anyone.
  6. Automatic Translation : Live Balance eliminates language barriers with its automatic translation chat function, allowing you to meet people from any corner of the planet without worrying about the language.
  7. Fun Effects : The app offers fun effects to make video chatting more entertaining and help you overcome psychological barriers, such as shyness, when chatting with new people.

Live Balance is a dynamic and safe platform to make new friends, learn about different cultures and share important moments, all with the convenience and fun that live video chat provides.

In addition to the features mentioned above, Live Balance offers a unique opportunity for Streamers and agencies: the possibility of earning money . People who livestream their content on the platform can monetize their presence and content, turning their charisma and communication skills into a potential source of income. This adds an extra incentive for users who want to not only socialize and make new friends, but also earn financial rewards for their active participation in the Live Balance community .

Features Live Balance App for Streamer

  • 1-on-1 video chat with registered users: You can make one-on-one video calls with people from anywhere in the world.
  • No Fake or Non-Gender Photos Allowed: All streamers are online in real time and answer video calls within seconds.
  • Smooth Video Call Experience: The network connection has been optimized to give users a smoother video chat experience.
  • Supports beauty effects, filters and stickers: You can customize beauty effects to make yourself look prettier. There are a variety of filters and stickers to make your live chat more interesting.
  • Real-time translation: Don't worry about the language barrier because we have a helpful real-time translation.
  • Host Streamers from different countries: You can chat with any user from the country you like.
  • Quick and Easy Login: Using Google or Phone to quickly log in to Live Balance and start live video chatting with just one click. For this guide it is necessary to log in through the Telephone option.
  • Send and receive gifts in live video chat or text chat: The App offers a list of popular stars, so you can follow them however you want. You can send and receive gifts from your favorite Streamers to show your adoration.
  • Live Chat Tips: Use our live video beauty effects to make yourself look more handsome or beautiful. Upload your attractive cover to show yourself, bring more followers and fans, become famous like stars. The cover of the video will help you to have more opportunities.

Live Balance App Requirements for Agencies

  • Countries : All.

  • Gender: Only Women.

  • Supported Systems : Available for Android and IOS (iPhone) cell phones

  • Have a payment method: Have one of the following payment methods available depending on each country : Payoneer // USDT Binance // AdvCash . New payment methods may be added later based on availability in each country.

  • Payment commission 5% up to 25%.

  • Payment frequency: Weekly payments upon meeting the Agency's minimum payment.

  • Submit girls frequently, have 10 active hostesses.

  • Avoid suspensions or violations of the rules , there are warnings up to the fourth level, all with deduction of points according to severity. (See Warnings table).

What you can do as an Agency in Live Balance

  • Link and edit your payment method information.

  • Invite and recruit new Streamer Hosts for the Live Balance App.

  • Invite new agencies to Live Balance. Recommend the app.

  • Manage your Streamer Live Balance, connection time, earnings and other records.

  • Monitor the progress of your commission rate.

  • Manage the rate of warnings or penalties to hostesses.

  • Information about payments made

  • Receive the latest news and notifications from Live Balance App directly to your Agency master.

  • Latest updates to the Live Balance Mobile Application for Android.

  • Pay your Host Streamers by any of the suggested payment methods, Local Bank Transfer / Epay (Sign up here) / Paypal / Payoneer / Binance (Sign up here) / USDT – TRC20 / USDT ERC20 / AdvCash (Sign up from here) / Payoneer ( Sign up with Payoneer and get $25 ) / Paypal

    These payment methods available to hostesses are defined by each Agency according to its scope in each country.

Register Agency Live Balance App

To start working as an Agency in Live Balance directly, below you will find a registration form with the information required by the Live Balance Administrator to create your Agency account in Live Balance. Once you are approved for registration as an Agency in Live Balance, you can start recruiting Streamer hosts in Live Balance .

STEP 1: Fill out the Live Balance Agency Registration Form

STEP 2: Log in to the Live Balance Agency Dashboard

Live Balance Income Chart for Streamer

Points Income in ($) USD
20.000 $33.33 USD
40.000 $66.66 USD
60.000 $100 USD
80.000 $133.33 USD
100.000 $166.67 USD
150.000 $250 USD
200.000 $333.33 USD
250.000 $416.67 USD
300.000 $500 USD
400.000 $666.66 USD

Commission table Agencies Live Balance

Agency Premium – % that the agency receives additionally from the Streamer's income. + $30 bonus for the 2nd payment of the Streamer.

MR Total Income ($) USD per week **No Bonuses** Percentage
1 < $100 10%
2 $100 to $499 15%
3  $500 to $4,999 20%
4  More than $5,000 25%

Cut-off dates and settlement of Live Balance payments

The cut-off and settlement dates for payments in Live Balance are as follows:

  • Payment frequency: Weekly
  • Everything done from Monday to Sunday during time (UTC 00:00) is part of the cut of the week.
  • The cut-off day is Monday (UTC 00:00)
  • Payment days are between Tuesday to Wednesday.
  • Live Balance sends payments to the Agencies.
  • 600 points = $1 USD
  • Minimum payments 20,000 points per Host
  • Minimum payment $33.33 USD

Warning Scheme for Streamer Live Balance

Warnings Olive
  • If you ignore warnings and penalties for violations during the match, the moderation team may ban public calls for 12 hours.
  • Before the penalty begins to apply, the new streamer will receive at least 3 warnings in total.
  • Moderation may send additional warnings before increasing the streamer's penalty level

Live Balance Payment Methods

Live Balance payments are made weekly through the Agency, the minimum payment is $34 USD .

Live Balance sends your earnings weekly using the following payment methods based on availability in your country.

Create Payoneer account

To create your personal Payoneer account , click on the following button « Create Payoneer Account » or you can read the QR code from your cell phone to speed up the registration.

Sign up for payoneer

Create Binance account

Rules and regulations for agencies in Live Balance

  • The agency must be able to invite at least 10 active hosts.
  • Manage Streamers to stream consistently and responsibly.
  • Share host feedback with admins instantly for solutions.
  • Agencies cannot recruit Hosts or Streamers within the Live Balance application, they will be severely punished.
  • Make payments to Hosts within established times
  • Train all your hostesses.
  • Provide constant support and recommendations to your hostesses to guarantee better results.

Tips and Recommendations Streamer Live Balance

We have compiled some tips and recommendations for Live Balance hosts to get the most out of the chat App and earn money.

  • Upload an attractive profile image to improve your chances of receiving more calls.
  • Use a good description in the bio, use emojis and share your likes.
  • Keep the profile updated with all the requested information.
  • Upload at least 3 photos for free.
  • Upload 5 paid photos with exclusive content.
  • Upload 1 free video with your intro or preview.
  • Share paid videos with users, they will be willing to pay to see them.
  • Match functionality to receive calls from random users.

Support and personalized Help on Live Balance

If you need help or personalized technical support about the Live Balance App and all its features, you can contact us in the WhatsApp Help Group . It is very important that when you write you specify what your name is, what country you are from and what phone number you used for registration and that you have previously completed the registration process in our guide.

Join the Streamers Apps community

In the Community of Streamers Apps we will share Information about updates, new releases, new Apps for Streamers and Hostesses, industry events, contests and general information .

Remember not to leave the community , it will be a communication channel through which you will have access to relevant and updated information. You can also have direct communication with the Administrators who can provide you with personalized help and support.

Frequently Asked Questions Streamer Live Balance

Answers to the most frequently asked questions about Streamer Hostesses in the Live Balance App .

Collective Gifts in Chamet App2021-08-30T22:47:06-05:00

Collective gifts are now available at Chamet

Collective Gifts is a new series of gifts from the Chamet App , whose hostess and Streamer can get a huge bean reward when they collect a complete set of these gifts.

Each collective gift will be sent as a RANDOM gift in the corresponding gift series.

So, every time the host Streamer gets one of them, she has to OPEN IT to see which one they finally get! ( By clicking on the gift logo in the lower right corner ).

Host Streamers need to update the Chamet App to version 2.1.0 as soon as possible to start taking advantage of this new Update

What is Streamer?2021-08-12T22:01:39-05:00

Streamer is currently one of the most promising modern activities on the internet, where it is broadcasted in real time by means of live streaming platforms to multiple people who are located anywhere in the world.

Currently it is possible to be a Live Broadcast Streamer Model and earn income, this activity is closely related to entertainment in general and has become a source of income for thousands of people around the world.

Strategies for Prolonging Calls as a Streamer2021-08-12T21:29:30-05:00

One strategy to prolong and retain users in calls is to design a short script with basic questions in several languages ​​where you greet them euphorically, ask them what their names , where , how old they are, what they like to do , and so on. way you respond with yours.

That way they have spent the first minute and you establish trust with them, you can be expressive when they say they are from Mexico, for example, tell them that you like that country, that it is very beautiful and thus they establish trust with you.

Also invite them to follow you, add you to your friends in the App so they are aware when you connect to the App, you can also share what times you connect in the App.

Then you can ask them what they do in their free time , what are their hobbies , favorite sport and so on. Sometimes we will learn about general culture and history . Many will send you gifts and that will make you earn much more.

Remember that it is totally forbidden to share personal and contact data, or to remove the user from the App, if he wishes to continue seeing you, it must be exclusively through the App, thus guaranteeing that you have peace of mind and will not find you on your personal networks.

Know all the answers to the most frequently asked questions about Streamer and Streamer Agencies .

How much can I earn as a Streamer?2021-08-12T21:29:43-05:00

Our best Streamer girls earn more than $50 USD a day connecting for 4 to 6 hours a day , which means that they make more than $1,500 USD per month.

If you want to start forging your future as a Streamer Girl from your cell phone and start generating income, this opportunity is for you. Register as a Streamer in Chamet here . You can also Register for Tango Live here .

How to Install an Android App from the Internet?2021-07-15T12:48:44-05:00

To install Download and Install LivChat and other Streamer Apps , you must Enable “Unknown Source”: By default, your Android device does not allow installation of apps distributed outside of their authorized stores: Google Play on Pixel , Google Play and Galaxy Store on Samsung phones, and the Amazon Appstore on Kindle tablets .

Since manufacturers tend to customize the Android operating system for their devices, the same set of instructions cannot be applied. That is why we provide two examples. See Frequently Asked Questions about LivChat .


Can I earn for referring Broadcasters or Gifters?2021-07-02T22:01:06-05:00

Yes, you can earn commission for referring broadcasters on Tango Live , giveaways or other partners. You can also earn commission for referring new partners to the Tango affiliate program .

Currently, the partner program is set up to earn for broadcaster referrals. Tell us about how to promote it to Gifters and other partners .

In which countries is Tango Live App available?2021-07-02T21:52:31-05:00

The Tango Live App is available on iOS in all countries except North Korea.

On Android Tango Live is available in all countries except the following: Bermuda, British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, China, Cuba, Georgia, Guinea, Iran, Iraq, Macao, Micronesia, Myanmar, Solomon Islands, Sudan, Turks and caicos .

Can I promote the Tango App for iOS and Android?2021-07-02T21:46:14-05:00

Tango iOS explainer Android app , and website ( ) using your tracking links.

If you have not yet registered for the Tango partners program , you can follow the following registration steps: 2)  Register for the Tango Partners program . If you are already a registered user, follow the steps below to log in and find out your follow-up and affiliate link: 2.2) Log in to Tango Partner .

What marketing methods are prohibited as an Agency?2021-07-02T21:34:19-05:00

The following marketing methods are prohibited to attract new Streamer models or Registered Users for the App. It is prohibited to generate spam, pop-up or pop-up traffic, adult traffic or auto-installers, unsolicited SMS traffic, brand related advertising and advertising with branded keywords.

Requirements for Chamet Agencies?2021-06-29T14:50:46-05:00
  • Countries: All.
  • Supported System: Available for Android cell phones. Agencies Access from the web.
  • Agencies Minimum Payment: From $10 USD.
  • Payment Methods: Withdrawal / ePay / Paypal / G-Cash . New payment methods are added frequently depending on the country.
  • Payment frequency: Weekly payments upon meeting the Agency's minimum payment.
How to withdraw my income from Agencia Chamet?2021-06-29T14:42:53-05:00

Chamet App will automatically send you all the income you generate as an Agency in Chamet every Thursday, if the amount is less than $10 USD, they will accumulate for the next cutting cycle (You will never lose anything you do as an Agency ), if the amount is greater than $10 USD, the payment will automatically arrive at the previously configured payment method .

How much will I earn as an Agency in Chamet?2021-06-29T13:59:27-05:00

The earnings of an Agency in Chamet strictly depend on the commission rates that are analyzed weekly based on the total income made by all Chamet Hostesses and sub-agents. Very good results can be obtained by having 20-30 active hostesses.

Recommendations to be a Successful Streamer?2021-08-12T21:30:18-05:00

The following are some recommendations to become a Successful Streamer and get the most out of existing Dating Apps .

  • You should always convey using makeup to enhance feminine beauty.
  • Set an eye-catching and impactful profile photo.
  • Always set a photo of yourself. DO NOT use other photos with frames or borders.
  • Your profile picture should be in excellent quality, if you don't have one, take the time to take some.
  • Dress appropriately for the occasion.
  • Wear comfortable clothing.
  • Feel free to explore your personality and build good virtual relationships with users and friends.
  • Always keep your transmission environment clean and tidy.
  • Always greet users with a smile on your face and greet them once they arrive at your stream.
  • Please comply with all the rules of the App, research everything about it.
  • Creativity has no limits.
How to create the Chamet Agency?2021-06-29T13:06:29-05:00

To become an Official Agency in Chamet App , follow the steps indicated in Create Chamet App Agency . You can work from home and earn a very good commission for Chamet Official Agent.


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