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Work as a Streamer recruiter with us

Earn 11% of what your Streamers do

Recruit Streamers for Chamet App

Become a Streamer Recruiter for Chamet!

Earn 11% of your Streamers' income and grow with us. We are looking for passionate and dynamic people to join our team as Streamer Recruiters . If you have skills to identify talent and support others in their growth, this opportunity is for you!



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What Does a Streamer Recruiter Do?

As a Streamer Recruiter for Chamet, your responsibilities will include:

  • Recruitment : Identify and attract new streamers interested in joining Chamet App through social networks and other means.
  • Training : Provide initial and ongoing training to ensure streamers are well prepared and motivated to generate high income.
  • Recruitment : Ensure a constant flow of new talent.
  • Accompaniment : Provide ongoing support and monitoring to help streamers maximize their performance.
  • Retention : Implement strategies to keep streamers motivated and committed to their growth.
  • Reports : Send daily reports on streamers' progress and performance.

Advantages of being a Chamet Recruiter

Why Be a Chamet Recruiter?

Joining our team as a Streamer Recruiter offers you multiple benefits:

  1. Recruiter Application Form

StreamerAgent benefits - working from your cell phone

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What skills do I need to be successful as a recruiter?2024-05-29T13:03:35-05:00

Key skills to be a successful streamer recruiter include:

  • Effective Communication : Ability to connect with people and communicate clearly.
  • Social Media Knowledge : Understanding how social media platforms work and how to use them for recruiting.
  • Organization and Time Management : Ability to manage multiple tasks and meet deadlines.
  • Proactivity : Being able to take the initiative and work autonomously to achieve objectives.
What is the training process for recruiters like?2024-05-29T13:04:32-05:00

Our training process is designed to ensure you have all the tools and knowledge necessary to succeed:

  1. Induction Session : A detailed introduction to the role and our expectations.
  2. Self-Study Materials : Videos and guides that you can review at your own pace.
  3. Weekly Masterclasses : Live training with industry experts.
  4. Ongoing Mentoring : Access to a mentor who will guide you and answer your questions as you progress.
Do I need previous experience as a recruiter?2024-06-04T19:51:44-05:00

Yes, previous experience in recruiting is very necessary for you to achieve excellent results, since from the start you start earning a very juicy percentage of commission and you need to know how to grow every day so that you obtain excellent income. Knowledge of the application is not strictly necessary, although if you know the App where you will be a recruiter, your results will be better. Likewise, we provide you with complete training and access to resources and guides that will help you be successful in your role.

It is recommended that you know perfectly the role we play as Agencies or recruiters, you can start by reading the following article: What function does a Streamer Agency fulfill?

What kind of support will I receive from StreamerAgent & MaJu Studios?2024-05-29T13:02:06-05:00

As part of our team, you will have access to a wide range of support resources, including:

  • Training Material : Videos, guides, and documents that will help you better understand your role and improve your skills.
  • Weekly Masterclasses : Live trainings where you can learn new strategies and techniques, as well as ask questions in real time.
  • Continuous Support : You will have a support team that you can turn to at any time to resolve questions and receive guidance.
What are the work hours as a recruiter?2024-05-29T13:00:47-05:00

You will not have a fixed schedule. As a streamer recruiter, you can work flexibly and manage your time according to your own needs and the availability of the Streamers you recruit. The important thing is to meet your recruitment objectives and report every streamer activation you make on a daily basis.

How and when will I receive my recruiter payments?2024-05-29T13:01:37-05:00

Payments are made biweekly on the 5th and 20th of each month, and you can choose to receive them via bank transfer or through Binance . We will provide you with all the information necessary to configure your preferred payment method and the one that best suits you.

Do you want to work as a Streamer Recruiter and have additional questions?

If you have other additional questions or concerns, you can write to us directly to our personalized support WhatsApp specifying what your need or problem is, one of our Spanish specialists will be happy to talk to you and help you resolve your concern or problem.

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