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Agency registration in Chamet App

Chamet App Agency

You will become an Official Agency of the Chamet App – Live video chat and party rooms.

Become a Chamet Streamer Model Agency and work from the comfort of your home, find talent and recruit new Streamer models or Hostesses for the Chamet Live Streaming App and video chats from anywhere in the world. Chamet App is what you are looking for!

Chamet App - Live Video Chat and Party Rooms
Chamet App Agency
Live video chat and party rooms

Chamet App Agency

Become a Chamet Agency


About Agencies Chamet App

1 on 1 and multiplayer online video chat app With video calls and translation, you can communicate with people face to face anytime, anywhere.

It is an excellent way to eliminate social phobia and understand the cultures of different countries.

Meet new friends with Chamet and monetize every moment you are in the App, you can get excellent income. You are just one click away from opening the world to yourself!

As an Agency you can earn very good commissions by recruiting new Streamers for Chamet App from your home.

Features of Chamet App for Agencies

Chamet App has the following characteristics and functionalities that we as Agencies must Know in order to Offer it to our Streamer Hostesses . You can Learn everything about Chamet management in Streamer Chamet App .

  • 1-on-1 video chat with registered users: You can make one-on-one video calls with people from anywhere in the world.

  • Have fun in the party room: You can have video chat with a maximum of 5 people at the same time.

  • Guaranteed Streamer Authenticity: Use Cam Live Waiting to make sure the streamer and your live coverage are consistent.

  • No fake or non-genre photos allowed: All streamers are online in real time and answer video calls within seconds.

  • Smooth Video Call Experience: The network connection has been optimized to give users a smoother video chat experience.

  • Supports beauty effects, filters and stickers: You can customize beauty effects to make yourself look prettier. There are a variety of filters and stickers to make your live chat on Chamet App more interesting.

  • Real-time translation: Don't worry about the language barrier because we have a helpful real-time translation.

  • Host Streamers from different countries: You can chat with any user from the country you like.

  • Quick and easy login: Using Facebook, Google or Phone to quickly log into Chamet and start live video chatting with just one click. For this guide it is necessary to log in by the Telephone option.

  • Send and receive gifts in live video chat or text chat: Chamet offers a list of popular stars, so you can follow them however you want. You can send and receive gifts from your favorite streamers to show your adoration.

  • Live Chat Tips: Use our live video beauty effects to make yourself look more handsome or beautiful. Upload your attractive cover to show yourself, bring more followers and fans, become famous like stars. The cover of the video will help you to have more opportunities.

About Chamet Hostesses

Chamet host models have weekly payments directly through the Chamet App, where the hostess can earn from 1,200 to 12,000 beans per minute ( Gold Coins ) equivalent in USD dollars represented below.

If you would like to become a host model on Chamet App , please follow the step-by-step below to sign up and start working as a Chamet App host .

About Chamet Agencies

Agencies on Chamet earn a commission from what their Streamer Hostesses do. How the staggered commission works according to what is done is specified later.

Chamet Agencies Requirements

  • Countries : All.

  • Supported System : Available for Android cell phones . Agencies Access from the web.

  • Agencies Minimum Payment: From $10 USD.
  • Payment methods: Local bank transfer / UST Binance / ePay / Paypal / G-Cash . New payment methods are added frequently depending on the country.

  • Frequency of payments: Daily payments upon meeting the Agency's minimum payment.

What can you do as an Agency in Chamet

  • Link and edit your payment method information.
  • Invite and recruit new streamer hosts in Chamet
  • Invite new sub-agencies.

  • Manage your chamet hostesses, connection time, earnings.
  • Monitor the progress of your commission rate.
  • Receive the latest news and notifications from Chamet App.

  • Latest updates of the Chamet App mobile application for Android.

Chamet App Agency Registration

To become a Chamet Agency and work from home , below we explain step by step how to register as an Agency in the Chamet App and start earning commission for recruiting new Streamers in Chamet .

Step 1: Create Chamet Agency account

To create your Chamet Agency account, click on the following button « Become a Chamet Agency » or you can read the QR code from your cell phone.

Chamet App Agency Registration

Next you must fill out all the information requested for the Registration in Chamet App as an Agency .

Chamet App Registration as Streamer Agency
  1. Enter a username or whatever your agency will be called in Chamet.
  2. Please enter a valid password.
  3. You confirm the password entered.
  4. Enter the Name that your Agency will have in Chamet.
  5. Select Your Region , area code of your country. Example: +57 Colombia, +58 Venezuela, etc.
  6. Enter your cell phone number and then click the " Send " button.
  7. You must enter the Chamet code sent by text message to your cell phone number.
  8. After entering the code, you click on the " JOIN/LINK " button.

Step 2: Log in as an Agency in Chamet

Once the registration of your Agency in Chamet , you will log in to the Chamet App Agency Management system or at the link

Login to Chamet as an Agency - StreamerAgent
  1. Username specified in the Agency registration, if you have not registered, you must Register your Chamet agency here .
  2. Enter your respective password.
  3. Click on the « LOGIN » button to log in to Chamet Agent Company .

All Chamet Agencies that register with our collaboration will receive specialized support on Chamet FREE forever in our Collaboration Groups and WhatsApp and Telegram support.

We are the largest Chamet Agency in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Step 3: Official Chamet Agencies Dashboard

Chamet provides us with an Agency management system with all the necessary information to keep track of all our Streamers in the Chamet App, this helps us to manage and monitor your 100% independent agency, although you can join our WhatsApp and Telegram Groups to receive support and personalized help.

Chamet Agency Official Dashboard - Streamer Agent-min
  1. Main Menu of the Chamet Agencies administration panel. You can see the list of registered hostesses, daily reports, earnings and notifications.
  2. Options to list your registered Hostesses in Chamet.
  3. Dashboards of statistics and performance of Chamet hostesses.
  4. Options to configure the payment method of your Agency and the Invitation Link for your new Hostesses.

You can start using the Chamet system and explore each of its features. If you have additional concerns, you can contact us in the WhatsApp or Telegram groups for help and personalized support.

How to link Hostesses to your Chamet Agency

There are 2 methods to add hostesses to Chamet associated with your Chamet Agency to start working from your cell phone.

1) First Method: By invitation link

This first method of linking Hostesses to your Chamet Agency is done by Invitation link , which you can obtain by entering the option " Invitation Link for Hostesses " / " Invitation link for hostesses ".

Becoming a Host / Streamer Chamet

When your new Chamet Hostess opens the registration link, you must follow the steps indicated in step:

7) Hostess Registration Chamet App

You must follow the steps for your registration to be valid.

Once you have finished filling out the form, you must download the Chamet Application in the Google Play Store and log in using the "PHONE" as indicated in step

7) Hostess Registration Chamet App

Login to Chamet App - Streamer Agent MaJu Agency
  1. MORE OPTIONS option .
  2. Then we click on the " PHONE " option.

It is very important for the registration to be correct, start with the TELEPHONE and not with the Facebook or Google options, starting with the Google or Facebook options could invalidate the registration and we may have to activate MANUALLY .

For those cases it is necessary that you contact us at our support WhatsApp to help you with the activation.


PHONE or GMAIL option

2) Second Method: Link Hostesses by ID and phone number

This second method of linking Hostesses to your Chamet Agency is done by telling your Streamer model to send you their Chamet App ID and the phone number associated with your Chamet account registration.

  1. Instruct your aspiring Streamer model to download the Chamet app directly on the Google Play Store.
  2. Once the App is downloaded, tell the applicant to register with a phone number.
  3. You can follow the tutorial instructions in step 7 and 7.2.

7) Hostess Registration Chamet App

Login to Chamet App - Streamer Agent MaJu Agency

4. Instruct your applicant to go to My Profile , and copy their Chamet ID or “IDENTIFICATION CARD” .


Add Hostess with Chamet Identification ID to your Agency

To add a Hostess model with the Chamet identification ID to your Agency, you must previously know the Chamet Identification ID and their phone number with the country code .

Add hostess model streamer id identification chamet
  1. We click on "MemberList" / "List of Members" and then on "Hostess List" / "List of Hostesses".
  2. At the top we click on "Add" / "Añadir" .
  3. Enter the Chamet ID / « IDENTIFICATION CARD » of the Hostess.
  4. Select the country area code and enter the phone number the hostess used for registration. Example: +57 Colombia, +58 Venezuela, etc.
  5. Click on the « Submit » / « Enviar » button to send the invitation to the Hostess.

Then the hostess will receive an invitation inside the application that she must accept to complete the process of joining the Agency.

The hostess must go to the Profile > My Earnings . She must click on « ACCEPT » / « AGREE «.

Accept invitation Hostess Chamet Agency

1) Click on "Accept" the Invitation to the Agency

Chamet Agencies Activation Form (Mandatory)

Confirm registration and activation in Chamet

Once the Agency Registration is finished, you are going to write to our WhatsApp Support numbers +57 3218945421 or click on the following Buttons to go to a Conversation where you are going to Tell us the name of your Agency, the Telephone Number and the Agency ID .

Configure Chamet payment method

Payments in Chamet are made weekly, the minimum payment is $10 USD every Thursday.

Chamet sends your earnings weekly using the following payment methods based on availability in your country.

To configure the payment method available in your country:

Bind withdrawal method

  1. Click the “Bind Withdrawal” to configure the payment method available in your country.

You must verify that the information is complete so that you do not have problems later with payments.

All the information requested is mandatory to fill it with the correct data of the payment method.

Cut-off dates and settlement of Chamet payments

The cut-off and settlement dates for payments in Chamet are as follows:

  • Everything done from Monday to Sunday in time (UTC +8) is part of the cut of the week.
  • The cutoff day is Monday at 5:00AM (UTC +8)
  • Chamet sends payments every Thursday automatically.

Chamet Agency Commission

Agency commission percentage is based on the total income of the Streamers + the income of the Sub-agents in the last 30 days.

Total revenue in the last 30 days


Agency commission percentage


USD < 500 0%
USD >= 500 5%
USD >= 1,500 10%
USD >= 5,000 15%
USD >= 15,000 18%
USD >= 50,000 20%
USD >= 150,000 22%
USD >= 500,000 24%
USD >= 1,500,000 26%
USD >= 50,000,000 30%

The daily commission percentage is determined by the average of your streamer's total income over the last 30 days.

Example to calculate your commission

Example to calculate your chamet app agency commission

Chamet Policy (Updated)

Chamet Privacy Policy

Recommendations for Chamet Agencies

We have compiled some recommendations for Chamet Agencies to get the most out of Chamet and earn more money.

  • Your income will increase as you have more Hostesses actively broadcasting.

  • Your income will grow by increasing the number of sub-agents.

  • Constantly recruit new hosts for Chamet, but be sure to explain everything about Chamet to them, you can recommend our detailed Chamet App Hostess Guide, Become a Streamer on Chamet so that they understand all the workings of the App, features, rules and recommendations.

Invite sub-agents to Chamet

By inviting new sub-agents to join your team, you earn higher weekly earnings, which means a higher commission rate for your agency.

After creating your own Agency in Chamet and becoming a new official Chamet Agent, you can submit your own link to invite other agents who want to work with Chamet and get your own agency to attract new Streamers.

You can find your agent invite link here:

Invite sub-agents to Chamet App

1) Invitation link for new Chamet Agents and Agencies

Support and personalized help on Chamet App

If you need help or personalized technical support about the Chamet App and all its features, you can contact us at WhatsApp for help . It is very important that when you write you specify your AGENCY NAME and TELEPHONE NUMBER that you use for registration.

Our support team will be happy to talk with you and help you solve all the concerns you may have, they will also be able to provide you with new recommendations and suggestions so that you can improve your income in Chamet.

Additional Resources

Join the Streamers App Agencies community

In the Streamers App Agencies Community we will share Information about updates, new releases, new Apps for Agencies so you can start recruiting new Streamers and Hostesses, industry events, contests and general information .

Remember not to leave the community , it will be a communication channel through which you will have access to relevant and updated information. You will also be able to have direct communication with the Administrators who will be able to provide you with personalized help and support to create your Official Agency in any of the available Apps.

Frequently Asked Questions Agencies Chamet App

Answers to the most frequently asked questions about Agencies in Chamet App.

Requirements for Chamet Agencies?2021-06-29T14:50:46-05:00
  • Countries: All.
  • Supported System: Available for Android cell phones. Agencies Access from the web.
  • Agencies Minimum Payment: From $10 USD.
  • Payment Methods: Withdrawal / ePay / Paypal / G-Cash . New payment methods are added frequently depending on the country.
  • Payment frequency: Weekly payments upon meeting the Agency's minimum payment.
Recommendations to be a Successful Streamer?2021-08-12T21:30:18-05:00

The following are some recommendations to become a Successful Streamer and get the most out of existing Dating Apps .

  • You should always convey using makeup to enhance feminine beauty.
  • Set an eye-catching and impactful profile photo.
  • Always set a photo of yourself. DO NOT use other photos with frames or borders.
  • Your profile picture should be in excellent quality, if you don't have one, take the time to take some.
  • Dress appropriately for the occasion.
  • Wear comfortable clothing.
  • Feel free to explore your personality and build good virtual relationships with users and friends.
  • Always keep your transmission environment clean and tidy.
  • Always greet users with a smile on your face and greet them once they arrive at your stream.
  • Please comply with all the rules of the App, research everything about it.
  • Creativity has no limits.
How much will I earn as an Agency in Chamet?2021-06-29T13:59:27-05:00

The earnings of an Agency in Chamet strictly depend on the commission rates that are analyzed weekly based on the total income made by all Chamet Hostesses and sub-agents. Very good results can be obtained by having 20-30 active hostesses.

What is the Chamet Official Recommendation Position?2021-08-12T21:28:19-05:00

The Chamet App Official Referral Position is a promotional feature for Streamers under certain quality requirements in their broadcasts.

They have added the Official Referral Rank to the top of the list, viewers and gifts will double or triple when a hostess is officially referred on Chamet . Professional Live Stream Hosts may be selected under certain criteria and qualifications to place them in the top official recommendation position for Chamet as a Promotion .

Official Recommendation Position Chamet App - Streamer Agent

In order to qualify and apply for this Promotion, Chamet App has some requirements for these Streamers:


Collective Gifts in Chamet App2021-08-30T22:47:06-05:00

Collective gifts are now available at Chamet

Collective Gifts is a new series of gifts from the Chamet App , whose hostess and Streamer can get a huge bean reward when they collect a complete set of these gifts.

Each collective gift will be sent as a RANDOM gift in the corresponding gift series.

So, every time the host Streamer gets one of them, she has to OPEN IT to see which one they finally get! ( By clicking on the gift logo in the lower right corner ).

Host Streamers need to update the Chamet App to version 2.1.0 as soon as possible to start taking advantage of this new Update

What are the Agencies in Chamet?2021-07-19T13:15:14-05:00

The Agencies in Chamet have the main functionality of Recruiting , Training and Accompanying Streamer girls interested in working from their cell phones in the Chamet App , from the comfort of their home.

Chamet gives its agencies access to a web application where they can manage, view connection times, add and monitor all the statistics of the Streamers in Chamet . You can also verify the commissions earned as the official Chamet App Agency .

How are the payment cuts in Chamet App?2021-07-12T20:34:01-05:00

The cuts and settlement of payments in Chamet are as follows:

  • Everything done from Monday to Sunday in time (UTC +8) is part of the cut of the week.
  • The cut-off day is Monday at 5:00 AM (UTC +8), the App transfers the earnings made to your Wallet approximately Thursday, as long as your earnings are greater than $10 USD. They are made in multiples of 10 , for example $10, $20, $30, $40, etc.
  • After you see your earnings in the Wallet , you can request the payments or accumulate them to request larger amounts. We recommend requesting amounts greater than $50 USD .

For withdrawal amounts less than $50 USD, the App will deduct $1 USD for transaction costs and minor taxes.

Agencies receive their payments every Thursday Automatically, see FAQ Streamer .

How much does Random Match Chamet cost?2021-09-21T14:39:35-05:00

Random Match functionality the Chamet App is a FREE Feature for most users that the App uses as a strategy to get them to buy Beans and then call the Streamers, sometimes the App GIVES them 300 beans.

The suggested Strategy with RANDOM MATCH is to make friends, make followers, answer the call and invite them to follow them so that later it is the users who call them, being very happy and affectionate in less than 1 minute. Then if the user wants to call them, you go to LIVE and from there the user will be able to call them and they will earn minute by minute according to the established price.

Chamet allows hostesses to use the Random Match and will be able to get 300 RANDOM beans/min as a reward. When the hostesses wait live, their beans are still calculated as normal.

You might also be interested in knowing what is Random Match in Chamet? Chamet App FAQ session .


What marketing methods are prohibited as an Agency?2021-07-02T21:34:19-05:00

The following marketing methods are prohibited to attract new Streamer models or Registered Users for the App. It is prohibited to generate spam, pop-up or pop-up traffic, adult traffic or auto-installers, unsolicited SMS traffic, brand related advertising and advertising with branded keywords.

What is Streamer?2021-08-12T22:01:39-05:00

Streamer is currently one of the most promising modern activities on the internet, where it is broadcasted in real time by means of live streaming platforms to multiple people who are located anywhere in the world.

Currently it is possible to be a Live Broadcast Streamer Model and earn income, this activity is closely related to entertainment in general and has become a source of income for thousands of people around the world.

What is Chamet App?2021-06-29T14:01:12-05:00

1 on 1 and multiplayer online video chat app With video calls and translation, you can communicate with people face to face anytime, anywhere.

It is an excellent way to eliminate social phobia and understand the cultures of different countries.

Meet new friends with Chamet and monetize every moment you are in the App, you can get excellent income with Chamet . You are just one click away from opening the world to yourself!

How to withdraw my income from Agencia Chamet?2021-06-29T14:42:53-05:00

Chamet App will automatically send you all the income you generate as an Agency in Chamet every Thursday, if the amount is less than $10 USD, they will accumulate for the next cutting cycle (You will never lose anything you do as an Agency ), if the amount is greater than $10 USD, the payment will automatically arrive at the previously configured payment method .

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