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Agency Registration in WOW App

WOW App Agency

You will become an Official WOW App Agency – Start earning income by recruiting new Streamers and Hostesses for the WOW App from your cell phone.

Become a WOW Streamer and work from the comfort of your home, find talent and recruit new Streamers for the WOW live streaming and video chat platform from anywhere in the world.

WOW App Agency: online video broadcasts and chats
WOW Agency – Streamer App
WOW Create your Official Agency!

WOW App Agency

Become an Official WOW App Agency

About WOW App

WOW is a 1-1 video call app, hosts can earn money by making video calls and receiving gifts. WOW is operating all over the world and recruiting agencies that can bring great and attractive hostesses to the platform.

  • Agents from any country can join.

  • It is an Auto Withdrawal App , each Hostess makes their own money withdrawals.

  • Minimum withdrawal $ 10 USD

What can you do as an Agency in WOW?

  • Link and edit your payment method information.

  • Invite and recruit new Streamer Hostesses for the WOW App .

  • Invite new sub-agencies to WOW App.

  • Manage your WOW hostesses, connection time, earnings and other records directly from your dashboard as an Agency.

  • Monitor the progress of your commission rate.

  • Receive the latest news and notifications from WOW App directly on your master.

  • Latest updates of the WOW App Mobile App for Android & iOS.

  • Payment methods available for Agencies: Bank Transfer, Bancolombia Savings account, Daviplata or Nequi, Paypal , Payoneer (Sign up for Payoneer Here and earn $25 USD) , new payment methods are continuously added later according to availability in each country.

Register Agency in WOW App

To become a WOW App Agency and work recruiting new Streamers , below we explain step by step how to register your Agency in WOW and start earning commission for recruiting Streamers in WOW .

STEP 1: Click on the Agency Registration link

Click on the Register link below that says Register Agency on WOW .

STEP 2: Enter all the information requested in the registration form.

Sign up for WOW Cams App - Streamer Agent
  • Create Agency Username
  • select your country
  • Enter your phone number or WhatsApp
  • Enter your email
  • Enter the verification code that comes to your email
  • Click “ JOIN” “BIND” to complete Agency registration.
  • Then you must wait for the email to arrive confirming your approval and Agency Activation in WOW .
WOW Approved Agency Account

We are the largest WOW Superior Agency in Latin America and the Caribbean

STEP 3: Confirm Registration and Activation in WOW for Agencies Allied to MaJu Latam

Once the Agency Registration in WOW , you will write to our WhatsApp Support numbers +57 3218945421 or  by clicking on the following Buttons to go to a Conversation where you will tell us your name, Agency name, Agency ID Number from WOW . You can find it at the top of your Agency Dashboard or in the Approval email you received.

STEP 4: Log in to the WOW App Agency dashboard

Once the Approved your Agency in WOW , you can log in to the Dashboard provided by WOW to manage all the information and statistics of our Agencies .


WOW Agency Commission

  • You will earn between 2% to 30% of the earnings of your hosts or Streamer. (Your corresponding commission ratio * total weekly earnings from all your hosts.)
  • Hosts must earn a minimum of $10 for the agency to earn a commission.
  • The highest agency commission is 30%
  • The top agent gets a commission of 10% of the income of the sub-agencies without affecting their income. (If you invite a subagent with your invite link)
  • The minimum withdrawal amount is $5
  • WOW app has available bank transfer / PayPal / Gcash ( Sign up for Gcash Here ) for agency withdrawals. Set up your payment method directly from the WOW panel. You can enter here

WOW Agency Commission Table

WOW Earnings Table for Agencies

How to add Host – Hostesses – Streamer to the WOW App Agency

Steps for Hostesses to do:

  1. The hostess must download the WOW application or directly from the PlayStore or App Store.
  2. Install the app and create a new account on the WOW app.
  3. Ask your hostess to enter her Agency Agent ID: 2268 found on her Agency Dashboard. In order to complete its activation.
Join WOW Agency 2268
United Hostess Agency 2268

Steps that the Agency can do:

  1. Open your agency dashboard
  2. We enter the option « MemberManagement > Host Invitation List «
  3. Then click on the “Invite Hosts” located at the top right of the Dashboard.
  4. Enter the Hostess ID.
  5. Hit INVITE to add the Hostesses to the WOW Agency.
Invite Hosts WOW App Agency

Agency rules in WOW

  • The agency must be able to invite at least 5 active hostesses.
  • Manage the hosts you hire and monitor their work.
  • Share host feedback with admins instantly for solutions.

How to recruit subagents in the WOW agency?

If you want to invite a subagent for WOW App, please open your agency dashboard and send the subagent invite link mentioned in your agency dashboard and ask them to register WOW agency details and start as an official agency in WOW App.

How to recruit subagents in the WOW App agency?

Payment methods available in WOW App for Agencies

Payments in WOW are made to bank transfer / PayPal  / Gcash ( Sign up for Gcash Here ) .

Hostesses make their own withdrawals. **SELF WITHDRAWAL**

Create Gcash Account

Support and personalized help about WOW

If you need help or personalized technical support about the WOW App and all its features, you can contact us at WhatsApp for help . It is very important that when you write you specify your name, application ID, what country you are from and what phone number you used for registration and that you have previously completed the registration process of our guide.

Join the Streamers App Agencies community

In the Streamers App Agencies Community we will share Information about updates, new releases, new Apps for Agencies so you can start recruiting new Streamers and Hostesses, industry events, contests and general information .

Remember not to leave the community , it will be a communication channel through which you will have access to relevant and updated information. You will also be able to have direct communication with the Administrators who will be able to provide you with personalized help and support to create your Official Agency in any of the available Apps.