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You will become a Tango Live Agency – online video transmissions and chats.

Become a Streamer agency of Tango Live and work from the comfort of your home, find talents and recruit new streamers for the social transmission social platform and videochats TangoLive from anywhere in the world. Surely Tango App is what you are looking for.

Agencia Tango Live: transmisiones de video online y chats
Agency Tango Live
Online video transmissions and chats

Agency for Tango Live App

Become a Tango Live agency

About the Tango Live Partner Program

Join the Tango Live Partner Program and earn a commission for each recommendation you bring to the Tango App.

Tango Live pays the partners for each recommendation made. Whether you are an agency, a streamer, a blogger, an influencer, a youtuber, a marketer. An audiovisual designer, or a music teacher, you can make money with the users who refer to Tango Live.

By becoming a Tango partner, you can continue benefiting from each user who brings, Tango pays 10% of the earnings of the issuer referred to.

Benefits of the Tango Live Partner Program

Tango Live is the leading live broadcast platform that allows stations and streamer to share their talents live and monetize their followers in real time.

Tango tools and services allow issuers to expand their social community and build profitable businesses around their retransmissions.

  • High conversion and retention rates.

  • Flexible payment models and elevated payments.

  • A reliable American company and a recognized brand.

  • Win with each Streamer Recommendation.

  • Creative of last generation and follow-up platform.

  • Successful agents of dedicated partners and support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • Multiplatform in iOS, Android and Web.

  • Available all over the world and in more than 8 languages.

Register in the Tango Partners Partners Program

Para unirte al programa de socios de Tango Partners y empezar a trabajar directamente como Agencia de Tango, a continuación te explicamos paso a paso cómo se  realiza el registro como Socio & Agencia en Tango Live y empezar a ganar comision  por reclutar nuevas Streamer para Tango.

Create your account in Tango Partner (Partners)

To create your agency account in TangoLive and join the Tango Partners Program, click on the following button «Register in Tango Partners – Tango Agency» or you can read the QR code from the cell phone.

Registro Agencias Tangos Socios Tango
Register in Tango Partners – Agency Tango

Below you must fill out all the information that requests you for the form of Registration in the Tango Partner program.

Tango is the leading live video transmission application, has launched a new program of partners where partners can earn money with users and streamer who bring to the platform.

The Tango Partner Program is automatic, self-service and is available worldwide. It allows existing users, as well as marketing professionals, agents, affiliates, bloggers, influential people, agencies and streamer, winning with each reference as follows:

  • Base commission: 10%.

  • Type of commission: RevShare

  • Minimum payment: $50 USD.

  • Payment frequency: Every month, 30 days.

  • Payment method: Payoneer. (Register in Payoneer here)

Programa de socios de Tango partners - Agencia tango

Log in to Tango Partner

Once the registration is finished and that you have received the confirmation and welcome mail to the Tango Partner Program, you will log in to the Tango Partner System or on the link

Iniciar sesión en Tango Partners
Join the Tango Partners program

Create Payoneer account

To create your personal account in Payoneer, click on the following button «Create Payoneer account» or you can read the QR code from your cell phone to speed up the record.

Registrarse en payoneer
Create Payoneer account

Payoneer is the platform responsible for processing payments in Tango Partners, in such a way that it is necessary to have an active payoneer account to receive payments.

Tango Live Partner Policy

Tango partners enjoy incredible benefits and can earn very good commissions by recommending users the Live Live Tango transmission application.

The Tango Partner Program is fully automated and is available worldwide.

By becoming a Tango partner, it can benefit the long term of each user referring. As Tango partners, we will always be looking for new unique streamer stations.

Partners payments in Tango

  • Tango pays his partners once a month, 30 days after the end of the month.
  • Partners also have a minimum payment threshold of $ 25 USD.
  • All profits are available in real time through our tracking platform.
  • While your speakers can see your earnings on your Tango account, you can see updated data (speaker activity, gained diamonds, etc.) at any time using your account on the tracking platform.

Starting as a tango partner

Once you register and approved by Tango, you will receive your own follow-up link. This is the only link that you must send to your stations! Once you download Tango using your link, they will connect to your member account.

Keep in mind that only new stations that have never been registered in Tango will be approved and connected to your account.

Welcome to the Tango Live community and thank you for joining our partner program!

Rules of use of Tango

How to become a Streamer de Tango?

Become Streamer in Tango Live

Support and personalized help about Tango Live

If you need help or personalized technical support about the Tango Live App and all its functionalities, you can contact us to the Help WhatsApp group. It is very important that when you write yourself, which is your name, that country you are and you have previously completed the registration process.

Tango Live Group on WhatsApp

We have available an exclusive help group in WhatsApp to resolve concerns and provide a strategic accompaniment and technical support on general concerns of the Tango App.

You can scan the QR code to join the group or click on the “Join Tango Live Group” button.

Frequent questions Agency Tango Live

Answers to the most frequently asked questions about the Tango Partner and Agencies Program at Tango Live.