Frequently Asked Questions How to start a Premium stream in Tango?

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Apart from public broadcasts, Tango also offers the option to start private broadcasts (Premium).

Private private broadcasts on Tango is an excellent option to get to know your followers, subscribers and people who give gifts to you better. Such broadcasts are usually much more personalized, the communication and engagement between presenters and viewers is next level during those broadcasts and overall it's a great tool to try something new and experiment with the content you produce.

There are two ways to start a Premium transmission, if you want to do it from the home page of the app, you have to do the following:

  1. Touch the camera .

  2. Then touch the key icon .

  3. And finally, choose the ticket price in your private transmission and touch the "Continue" .

Also, a private broadcast can be started when you are already broadcasting in public. To start a private transmission in this way, you have to do the following steps:

  1. Start a public broadcast .

  2. Then touch the key icon .

  3. Choose the gift that your viewers must give you to enter your private broadcast.

  4. (Optional) If someone gave you some gifts during your public broadcast, you can invite those people to your private broadcast.

  5. When everything is done, tap the “Continue” and your private broadcast will start instantly.

Although moderation team members do not watch private streams, our automatic moderation system approves all the time whether there are some minors in private streams or not. Therefore, we ask that you obey the Broadcasting Rules both when you broadcast publicly and privately.