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Become a FuLive App Streamer – And start earning income streaming from your cell phone.

Start broadcasting from your cell phone as a Streamer of the FuLive App and work from home, generate income while you find friends and have fun to the fullest. Is your life boring? Do you need some interesting friends? Do you want to do something fun? FuLive is what you are looking for!

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About FuLive App

FuLive App is a video calling app where Streamers and Hosts can make friends, talk with users and earn money. FuLive App is hiring agency leaders to recruit new hostesses for the app. You can add hosts for 1on1 calls on FuLive app, start your official agency on FuLive right now and earn very good commission for recruiting Hostesses all over the world.

Permissions Requested by FuLive App

  • Camera : Necessary to make video calls, take and save profile photos.

  • Microphone : Allows you to capture sound during video calls.

  • Location : Used for location-based matching of users.

  • Photo Gallery: Necessary for sending photos to your friends.

  • Notifications: Needed to keep up with incoming friend requests, messages, and video calls.

FuLive App Requirements for Streamer

  • Countries : All.
  • Gender: Only Women.

  • Coin value: 10,000 silver coins = $1

  • Diamond value: 1000 diamonds = $1

  • minimum payment: $10

  • Payday: Thursday

  • Supported System : Available for Android and iOS cell phones.

  • Have a payment method: Have one of the following payment methods available according to each country : Bank Transfer, Bancolombia Savings account, Daviplata or Nequi, Binance / Airtm / Epay / Paypal / Payoneer . New payment methods may be added later based on availability in each country.

    The main preferred payment methods are Bank Transfer, Binance , ePay and Payoneer . These payments are made through the FuLive Agency .

How to become the host of the FuLive App?

To start working from Android directly from your home, below we explain step by step how to register as a Host in FuLive App and start earning money online as a Streamer in FuLive .

Just follow the steps below and easily earn $100-$500 per week by becoming a FuLive App Host.

STEP 1: Download the FuLive App on your Mobile

To download the FuLive App on your mobile phone, click on the following button « Download FuLive App »

It is necessary that you access directly from your cell phone so that you can download the FuLive App

Then it will direct you to the Google Play store or App Store to download the App on your cell phone. Simply download it and once finished you can open the App.

Join MaJu Agent Agency on FuLive App
  1. Click on the heart button at the bottom center of the screen.
  2. Click on the option "JOIN AGENT" "JOIN AGENCY"
  3. There you must enter the Agency code, which is HC5AX
Join MaJu Agent Agency on FuLive App
  1. Enter the following code HC5AX
  2. You confirm the union to the MaJu Agent Agency , official agency in FuLIve.
  3. Confirm and Complete your Activation by filling out our Activation form to add it to our contacts and provide personalized support.

Activation code:


STEP 2: Activation Form (Required)

STEP 3: Confirm Activation in FuLive App to Receive our Personalized Support

Once the Registration in FuLive , you will write to our WhatsApp Support numbers +57 3218945421 or  by clicking on the following Buttons to go to a Conversation where you will indicate YOUR ID in FuLive that you have in the App . You are at the top of your profile in FuLive

One of our specialized Agents will confirm the correct registration so that you can continue with the profile configuration and you can start transmitting to generate income with the FuLive App .

We are the largest Streamer Agency in Latin America and the Caribbean, with more than 8 years of experience.

FuLive Hostess Salary and Goals

  • Hosts earn diamonds for private calls = 100 diamonds/minute
  • Hosts earn silver for match calls (match call must be 1 minute) = 200 silver per match
  • Hosts can also earn diamonds by receiving gifts , which have different diamond values.

1000 Diamonds = 1 USD

10,000 silver coins = 1 USD

Base Salary for FuLive Hosts

Live Stream Duration/Weekly Valid days/week Diamonds/Week Goal Base salary
=> 10 Hours => 25 days => 10.000 $1*2 hours/day

$14 Maximum/Week

< 10 Hours < 25 days < 10.000 0


1,000 diamonds = 1 dollar
10,000 silver coins = 1 dollar
Gift fee: 50%
Lucky gift fee: 12%

Important Note about Base Salary: 

  • Hosts must meet the requirements to receive basic pay.
  • Live streaming duration ≥1h which is considered a valid day.
  • Once a hostess violates the rules and is banned , her base salary for that week will be increased and she will be paid according to her share of the salary.

Base Salary Questions and Answers

  • Q:/ If the host has been banned, how to recover the base salary?
    • A:/ The host needs to reach 10,000 diamonds for a week, then she can receive the base salary again. Next week (NOT INCLUDING BONUS DIAMONDS)
Live Stream Duration/Weekly Valid days/week Diamonds/Week Goal Base salary
=> 10 Hours => 25 days => 10.000 $1*2 hours/day

$14 Maximum/Week

< 10 Hours < 25 days < 10.000 0

Part 2: Bonus Policy

Class Aim


Reward/Diary Diamonds

(Live for 2 hours + chat room for 1 hour)

SS+ 300.000 90.000 $90
TO 100.000 30.000 $30
B. 50.000 15.000 $15
C. 30.000 8.100 $8,1
D. 20.000 4.800 $4,8
AND 10.000 2.100 $2,1
F 8.000 1.440 $1,44
g 5.000 750 $0,75
h 2.000 240 0,24
Yo 1.000 / /


  • Hostesses must complete the corresponding target diamonds and hours of life and chat room hours after the requirements, depending on the day to obtain the class diamonds, to give a reward!
  • Rewards will be automatically distributed to the hostess account.
  • Reward diamonds are not included in the Agency fee.
  • Data cutoff time: 0:00 am to 23:59 pm (UTC+8) 1,000 diamonds = $1

Bonus Policy Example

  • A host won 10,000 diamonds on September 6 and completed the task of 2 hours live and 1 hour in the chat room, and in the early hours of the 7th, the system will automatically reward her with 2,100 diamonds. 

Bonus Policy Questions and Answers

Q: Is this a weekly or daily task?

A: This is a daily task. And data time: 0:00 am to 23:59 pm (UTC+8)

Q: Which hosts can participate in this event?

A: All hosts can participate in this event.

Q: If a host meets the diamond requirement and completes the task, when will the reward be credited to the account?

A: The system will award reward diamonds automatically at 7:00 am in the morning of the next day and hosts can view the details in the APP.

Beginner Bonus Policy (New to FuLive)

In the month when new hosts join the platform (based on registration time), if the daily target diamond reaches 2000/5000/8000, and If you complete the task, you can get an additional diamond bonus of 1% of the diamond target.

Class Aim


Reward Diamonds/Diary

(Live for 2 hours + chat room for 1 hour)

1 2.000 260 $0.26
2 5.000 800 $0.8
3 8.000 1.520 $1.52

Live Streaming Rules for Streamer Hosts

  1. Empty chamber. (No one appears on Live)
  2. The presence of a minor.
  3. Nudism in the live.
  4. Men using a female account.
  5. Deceptive behavior.
  6. Stop or lock the camera.
  7. Drug use is not permitted during calls.
  8. During the live broadcast, presenters are not allowed to smoke or drink.

Once the host violates the rules and has been banned or disabled, the basic salary for the week will be cancelled.

General rules for working in FuLive App

The Host of FuLive App:

  • Must be over 18 years old .
  • You may not register more than one account on FuLive.
  • You cannot change your agent, and the agent cannot attract another host within FuLive either.
  • The hostess may not present sexual content during her public broadcasts .
  • If the hostess or agent violates the above rules, it would result in strict punishment, such as Account Banned, Forfeiture of salary and commission.
  • It is not allowed to promote other applications on FuLive.
  • Hostesses cannot join more than 1 agency, if reported, new host id will be banned immediately.
  • Any violation will be warned and prohibited, please read our warnings carefully. The lawsuit is considerable if it seriously harms FuLive.
No sexual content on HoneyCam

Failure to comply with the rules may lead to the suspension of the account for a certain time or if there is a recurrence in breach of the rules, it will cause the cancellation of the account..

Sexualized content is understood as:  sexually suggestive or provocative activity that may include sexual postures or behaviors, suggestive or provocative sexual language , sexual services offered as an escort or filmed sexual activity.

Payment method in FuLive

Payments on FuLive  are made through the Agencies owed to their Hosts by one of the additional payment methods such as: Epay  ( Register in ePay Here ) Applies to most countries or Payoneer ( Register in Payoneer Here ) Applies to most countries. Binance / Airtm /

Or some compatible method for the hostesses according to their country.

We, as your Agency, would make you a bridge so that you can receive your income to other alternative payment methods and with greater scope. We simply help you monetize from ePay, Payoneer to other payment methods.

Create Payoneer account

To create your personal Payoneer account , click on the following button « Create Payoneer Account » or you can read the QR code from your cell phone to speed up the registration.

Sign up for payoneer

Create epay account

Sign up for Epay

Support and personalized help about FuLive

If you need help or personalized technical support about the FuLive App and all its features, you can contact us at WhatsApp for help . It is very important that when you write you specify your name, what country you are from and your FuLive ID and that you have previously completed the registration process of our guide.

Our support team will be happy to talk with you and help you solve all the concerns you may have, they will also be able to provide you with new recommendations and suggestions so that you can improve the income in Poppo Live .

Join the Streamers Apps community

In the Community of Streamers Apps we will share Information about updates, new releases, new Apps for Streamers and Hostesses, industry events, contests and general information .

Remember not to leave the community , it will be a communication channel through which you will have access to relevant and updated information. You can also have direct communication with the Administrators who can provide you with personalized help and support.