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Become a ZeepLive App Streamer – And start earning income streaming from your cell phone.

Start broadcasting from your cell phone as a Streamer of the ZeepLive App and work from home, generate income while you find friends and have fun to the fullest. Is your life boring? Do you need some interesting friends? Do you want to do something fun? ZeepLive is what you are looking for!

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Make interesting social connections with friends from all over the world

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About Zeep Live App

Zeeplive is a 1 to 1 video calling app, it provides a platform to video chat and make new friends. ZeepLive app constantly hires hostesses from all over the world for face to face video calls. Hosts don't need to wait long to receive calls and get new users talking in a few seconds.

Permissions Requested by ZeepLive App

  • Camera : Necessary to make video calls, take and save profile photos.

  • Microphone : Allows you to capture sound during video calls.

  • Location : Used for location-based matching of users.

  • Photo Gallery: Necessary for sending photos to your friends.

  • Notifications: Needed to keep up with incoming friend requests, messages, and video calls.

ZeepLive App Requirements for Streamer

  • Countries : All.
  • Gender: Only Women.

  • Coin value: 720 coins = $1

  • minimum payment: $10

  • Payment day: Thursday (Auto withdrawal)

  • Supported System : Available for Android cell phones .

  • Payment methods available for Agencies: Epay (Sign up for Epay Here ) / Bank Transfer , terms and conditions apply depending on the availability of payment methods in ZeepLive.

    The main preferred payment methods are Bank Transfer and Epay . These payments are requested by the Hostesses directly from the App.

How to become a host of the ZeepLive App?

To start working from Android directly from your home, below we explain step by step how to register as a Host in ZeepLive App and start earning money online as a Streamer in ZeepLive .

Just follow the steps below and easily earn $100-$500 per week by becoming a ZeepLive App Host.

STEP 1: Download the ZeepLive App on your Mobile

To download the ZeepLive App on your mobile phone, click on the button below « Download ZeepLive App for Android » or « Download ZeepLive App for iOS »

It is necessary that you access directly from your cell phone so that you can download the ZeepLive App

STEP 2: Sign up for ZeepLive

Then it will direct you to the Google Play store or App Store to download the App on your cell phone. Simply download it and once finished you can open the App. Register to the application with your data, you must select gender WOMAN .

  1. The hostess must download the ZeepLive app or directly from the PlayStore or App Store.
  2. Install the app and create a new account in the ZeepLive app.
  3. The hostess must enter the code of her Agency Agent ID: 156155883 In order to complete her activation in the application.

Add see my agency on ZeepLive

Agency Code: 156155883 

Join ZeepLive Agency
Join ZeepLive Agency

STEP 3: ZeepLive Activation Form (Required)

STEP 4: Confirm Activation in ZeepLive App to Receive our Personalized Support

Once the ZeepLive Registration , you will write to our WhatsApp Support numbers +57 3218945421 or  by clicking on the following Buttons to go to a Conversation where you will indicate YOUR ZeepLive ID that you have in the App. You can find it at the Top of your profile on ZeepLive.

One of our specialized Agents will confirm the correct registration so that you can continue with the profile configuration and you can start streaming to generate income with the ZeepLive App .

We are the largest Streamer Agency in Latin America and the Caribbean, with more than 8 years of experience.

ZeepLive Hostess Salary and Goals

  • Coin value: 720 coins = 1 USD
  • 1 USD = 72 INR
  • 1 second = 1 coin
  • Minimum withdrawal: 7200 beans = 10 USD

ZeepLive payment method

  • The hostesses can withdraw their payment for themselves at any time after they reach 7200 beans in their wallet.
  • Host payment will be made directly via Epay (Sign up for Epay Here ) / Wire Transfer / UPI.
  • the hostess can add her account in the Earnings section.

General rules for working in ZeepLive App

The ZeepLive App Host:

  • A hostess can only create one account
  • If any hostess wants to change their old agency, then they are free to do so, but their duration must be at least 50 days.
  • The host's ID will be permanently blocked when showing nudity in a public live broadcast.
  • The age of the host must be from 18+ to 36 years old.
  • Which host will use the headset or bluetooth. Your profile will be displayed at the top of the popular section of the system.
No sexual content on HoneyCam

Failure to comply with the rules may lead to the suspension of the account for a certain time or if there is a recurrence in breach of the rules, it will cause the cancellation of the account..

Sexualized content is understood as:  sexually suggestive or provocative activity that may include sexual postures or behaviors, suggestive or provocative sexual language , sexual services offered as an escort or filmed sexual activity.

Recommendations to earn more on ZeepLive

  1. Make up before starting the transmissions and thus receive well-presented video calls.
  2. Maintain good lighting.
  3. Keep your face inside the screen.
  4. Do not miss or hang up any calls.
  5. Do not start SHOW during the first 30 seconds of the video call.
  6. Ask the caller for gifts when you think the time is right.
  7. Try to make long calls as much as possible.

Personalized ZeepLive Help and Support

If you need help or personalized technical support about the ZeepLive App and all its features, you can contact us at WhatsApp for help . It is very important that when you write you specify your name, what country you are from and your ZeepLive ID and that you have previously completed the registration process of our guide.

Our support team will be happy to talk with you and help you solve all the concerns you may have, they will also be able to provide you with new recommendations and suggestions so that you can improve your income in ZeepLive .

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Remember not to leave the community , it will be a communication channel through which you will have access to relevant and updated information. You can also have direct communication with the Administrators who can provide you with personalized help and support.