Meet Chamet, the application that will allow you to meet people all over the world. Are you tired of the daily grind? From seeing the same people every day? If you want to make new friends or get to know different cultures from the comfort of your home, Chamet app is the ideal option to carry out your plans and all with a single click from any digital device that is connected to the Internet.

You can download this application from your digital devices, such as tablets, PCs and even your mobile . Everything to start a one-on-one experience with a new host on every call. The app also gives you the opportunity to share the call with multiple people to create a party atmosphere from five individual screens.

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Chamet App without borders

This gives the opportunity for each person to be in different places and even each one in a different country. The Chamet app is responsible for real-time translations, breaking down the barriers that hinder communication between different cultures, providing both the participant and the hostess with a fluid conversation without difficulty.

In addition to giving you the one-of-a-kind experience of meeting hostesses with just one click, it allows you to jump into the chat you like until you hit it off with the hostess you like. The chat will be monitored for the first few minutes in which you are meeting the hostess to guarantee compliance with the following regulations:

  1. The hostess must be dressed during the entire call.
  2. The hostess must cover private parts of the body, including the cleavage.
  3. The hostess must wear appropriate clothing, made of non-visible fabrics that allow her private areas to be exposed.
  4. Showers are not allowed during the live stream.
  5. It is not allowed to share personal data during it live.

There is the option to take the call to a private chat, in which the call will no longer be monitored and will give the participants the freedom to continue getting to know each other. In addition to having options such as private video calls, there are chat rooms where you can also send and receive images.

Each hostess has their respective profile. In which you can see images of her and you can follow her profile to contact her at the time you want through private chat. The live option gives you the opportunity to see new faces at every opportunity.

Chamet app offers you , since you will have a survey in which a top of the most pleasant hostesses you will be able to meet will appear. For you to make a call or send messages in exchange for beans, the exchange for a private call will be 300 beans per minute.

Since the app is paid, it gives you the option to recharge to continue enjoying the services they offer. The chamet currency is beans and they are used to give away to the hostesses during calls, it will be your decision how many beans you want to give away, unless the calls are private. The cost of the beans will vary depending on the currency of the country in which you are.