Dare to work as a Chamet Streamer from the comfort of your home and without investments. Chamet is a live video chat application, in which users from all over the world can register to enjoy the services it offers. New to the app are hostesses from all over the world, and users can scroll through videos until they find the host that catches their eye. To start a conversation, and even after the first minute of getting to know each other, you may have the option of jumping into a private chat room.

Like the hostess, it will have a profile that the user can follow to send messages and photos in an equally private chat. In this app, users have the option of recharging real money to convert it into "beans" (the virtual currency with which hostesses are paid or rewarded for their time and talents) that will be delivered from the first minute of the video call in the get started on it live privately.

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How to work as a Chamet Streamer from home?

To start your work in the Chamet App you need to be recruited by an agency , the best of all is StreamerAgent , the largest in Latin America with the support of the MaJu Studios business group , more than 7 years of experience and trajectory in the broadcast industry live.

There are more and more agencies created in order to fill a profile with girls who are willing to work enthusiastically in the app. Chamet App is one of the apps currently in the top 10 , due to the ease with which they issue their payments and of course the rise of users who enter the app.

Chamet agencies are dedicated to marketing their agencies, showing the authenticity of their earnings. Through various social networks in order to recruit girls from all over the world . In this way, the girls will join through a link to their agencies and receive advice from girls with experience in the app to start generating their own money.

Enter as a streamer through web streaming

Another way to enter any of the applications without being recruited will be through the streaming web. Through this page you will find different links to be located in the app as a streamer or hostess. Of course after being approved by an agency. There are many apps that you can apply or join to start working, through these links you can choose the one that suits your tastes and download to your phone:

Fact : All the applications have the same live video call format and make sure to specify that the recruitments are only for girls.

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