Streamer agencies have been increasing over time. The platform has become an excellent job option for girls who are starting to broadcast live from the app. Because it is an unparalleled method in which while you work you have fun and get out of the routine, getting to know new people and cultures every day.

Streamer agencies are in charge of recruiting what we also call hostesses, evaluating and monitoring their performance, advising and encouraging them in their evolution. The great advantage offered by the streamer platform goes beyond what we can call comfort, because it mostly provides benefits and a variety of options.

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Steps to work as an official streamer agency

When creating your agency, all you will need is a telephone number with an active telephone line and a good network connection. In order to start in the streamer world as an official agency you must complete the entry steps:

  • Download the app in which you want to create your agency : there are multiple platforms or apps in which you can carry out this task. Downloading through the Play Store or Apple Store is an option. But through the streamer's website you can also access links that automatically download the app that best suits what you're looking for. You will be able to find more than 8 active apps in which you can work and start your recruitment, among the most used:
    1. Agency in Chamet
    2. Poppo app agency
    3. Agency HoneyCam app

They all offer the same service. In this case, it would be creating a window in which users interact with hostesses who are recruited by an agency.

  • Log in or register your data with the agency : in the case of agency affiliation, the proper way to enter the app will be through the extra logo that may vary depending on the app. In some it is presented as the logo of a phone, as a button that will say "more options" and in most apps the entry will be automatic and you will be able to enter a link where you can join to start appearing as an agency official.
  • Recruit only girls to start generating income through the app : Streamer apps only recruit girls, so breaching this rule could be penalized. Keep in mind that the girls must have positive characteristics to initially attract attention and retain the user with her talents and thus generate income.
  • Being always well groomed and well made up will help the hostesses to attract attention and please the user.
  • Start a conversation in which he asks his name, the country in which he lives and what activity he is entertained. It will help you establish a pleasant conversation and stay on the call with the user for longer and thus generate income.
  • Recruiting girls who have the time and willingness to grow your agency is essential to achieving your goals.
  • Continually recruiting streamers will allow you to generate more revenue and give your agency more visibility.

The requirements for the creation of the agency are not more important than the time and dedication that you have. Because the requirements are minimal. The growth of the agency will depend only on you.

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