Over the past few years and even more so in the pandemic stage, streamer platforms have become popular. To provide personal experiences to the users of the different apps and thus give the privilege to the participants to enjoy the company of the hostesses. At the same time, it gives the hostess the opportunity to work from anywhere in her home or away from it. Without being attached to a fixed agenda or schedule that limits your time.

Streamer agencies are run like any business by an administrator who is in charge of recruiting, advising, and supervising the hostesses. To correctly carry out the administration of the agency that has been created. Creating a business without investment and from the comfort of your home is not something that is usually seen every day, which is why the rise of these platforms is increasing.

How to create your own streamer company?

To create your own company you only need a smart device that can be linked to the web, like your phone, initially. Because from your phone number you will create the agency (it is an essential requirement). From the creation of the agency you will be able to connect to the app through a PC, tablet or any other electronic device.

There are a variety of agencies to create your platform. The most used at present will be named below, with the requirements and advice to join them as an agency.

Chamet agency app

  • Chamet Agency : This agency has a format in which the initial use of the app is live videos in which the content creators participate. Also called hostesses or streamer. In which they show their talents or just start a chat with the person who joins their video, in order to receive "beans" which is a payment or gift that is given to the streamer by call.

After one minute, it gives the user the opportunity to have a private video call with the streamer to talk and get to know each other better. To operate an agency in Chamet you will only need your mobile device and the willingness to invite streamers to participate in your agency. The more participants, the more opportunities you will have to complete your weekly financial goals. This is the step by step to create your agency:

  1. Select the following link https://streameragent.com/go/registro-agencia-chamet Fill in the information requested.
  2. After completing the form you will have created your agency and you can access it through this link https://streameragent.com/go/login-chamet
  3. Enter your agency username and password.

Explore the app and start recruiting hostesses to complete your goals.

Your income depends on the performance of the hostesses and your ability to recruit the right people for the job.

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HoneyCam Agency

  • HoneyCam Agency : the app works by showing various videos of streamers showing off their talents. Giving the user the opportunity to select the live video of the hostess that calls their attention. Once inside the video call, it gives the option of giving the girls gifts to reward their performance.

In this application it is emphasized that the recruitment should only be for girls. So, the agency must abide by the norm to have a good performance in the app and of course respect the user norms. To create an agency in the HoneyCam app you need a phone that has a number that is active to verify the agency. These are the steps to follow to create the agency:

  1. Download the HoneyCam app on Google Play or the App Store, or click the following link to download it automatically https://streameragent.com/go/download-honeycam
  2. Once you have downloaded the app on your phone, register as a user.
  3. Enter the following link after having registered in the app to officially register as an agency in the app. https://streameragent.com/crear-agencia-streamer/
  4. As the last step, verify your id in your HoneyCam account.

The agency offers you data on the work carried out by the streamers in your agency, day by day, and the weekly commission that corresponds to each of them and of course to the agency.

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Poppo Live Agency

  • Poppo App Agency : The application is created to give users the opportunity to get social interaction through the digital platform. Through video calls that will be monitored for the first few minutes, until the participant decides if they want to make a private call.

Similarly, the streamer has an online chat where they can exchange messages and photos if needed. The objective of an agency in this application will be to recruit the hostesses who will work in said agency and verify the work they do. This is the step by step to create your Poppo agency.

  1. Through your mobile device download the app through the link https://streameragent.com/go/PoppoAndroid
  2. Start the registration by the logo on the phone (it is essential to have an active phone line)
  3. Complete the boxes that are requested with your data to register in the app and the application will open automatically.
  4. Enter the link to apply as an agency in the app and fill out the requirements https://streameragent.com/go/AgenciaPoppo
  5. Add the ID that you get in the app and make sure it is confirmed with the verification code.
  6. As a last step, write to the WhatsApp support number +57 3218945421 to confirm the validity of your agency.

To create a streamer agency, it only takes time and willingness to complete the goals of what will now be your own company. It's simple, you just have to recruit and advise the hostesses so that they provide a good service to the users.

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