Streaming agencies are businesses that have gained popularity over the past few years because of the way girls earn money. In a simple way through fun experiences, in which the activity is to meet people from all over the world. Creating a chamet app agency , to manage a group of girls interested in embarking on this adventure is simple, you just have to meet these girls to teach them to be hosts.

The job of an agency is to manage payments. The days on which these are issued and monitor the connection time of each participant throughout the week, which is when the payments are made. In addition to supervising the hostesses, recruiting them is essential for the agency to have new hostesses from time to time, thus giving the agency more growth through variety.

Learn how to become a chamet agency

To become a chamet app agency you must follow the steps below:

  • Have a mobile device, be it PC, tablet or cell phone.
  • Enter the following link
  • After you access the link you must fill in the suggested fields:
  • They will ask for your name.
  • A password containing the required characters.
  • Password confirmation.
  • Name you want to put the agency.
  • Telephone number with region code.
  • Confirmation of the code (mandatory to enter the agency).
  • After completing the required fields and these have been approved, you must access the link ( ) to start the app as an agency. You can enter with the data that you created the agency in the previous step.

Chamet App Registration as Streamer Agency

How to manage the chamet app

Having completed the entry data, you must learn to use the app to start recruiting and monitoring the hostesses of your agency . From the agency profile, the chamet app provides the operator with an administration system with all the information of each of the streamers. To check your performance throughout the week. From the main menu you can manage and access information such as:

  • The number of hostesses registered with your agency.
  • Statistics of the hostesses and performance in their calls.
  • Invitation to new hostesses through the app, to facilitate their entry.
  • Hostess payment administration.

chamet app agency system to know all its functions and start managing and helping the streamers of your agency from the comfort of your home.

The most important thing when managing an agency is to know how to link the hostesses to your agency, there is a simple method:

  • Through the app: Through the app you can send the "hostess invite link" link so that the hostess can access it and fill out the form.

After completing the hostess form, you must download the app on your mobile device and access through the button > more options >> phone, to enter your cell phone number and officially activate your account.

There are different ways to join the agency, even through different links found on the web if the girl does not know the operator of an agency and wants to be recruited.

Chamet Agency Official Dashboard - Streamer Agent-min