Frequently Asked Questions What are payment cuts like in Chamet App?

Answers to all frequently asked questions about the Streamer App and Host Agencies for Streamer.

The cuts and settlement of payments in Chamet are as follows:

  • Everything done from Monday to Sunday in time (UTC +8) is part of the cut of the week.
  • The cut-off day is Monday at 5:00 AM (UTC +8), the App transfers the earnings made to your Wallet approximately Thursday, as long as your earnings are greater than $10 USD. They are made in multiples of 10 , for example $10, $20, $30, $40, etc.
  • After you see your earnings in the Wallet , you can request the payments or accumulate them to request larger amounts. We recommend requesting amounts greater than $50 USD .

For withdrawal amounts less than $50 USD, the App will deduct $1 USD for transaction costs and minor taxes.

Agencies receive their payments every Thursday Automatically, see FAQ Streamer .